Syntropy stack refines building on the internet.

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You can build anything on the internet; well, most things…to be fair. Our environment is basically split into two; the internet and the real world. Each influencing the other. The real world gave birth to the internet, the internet’s universality has brought the world together and not only has it formed a huge influence on the real world, it has carved a virtual replica of the real world.

Internet’s infrastructures form the building blocks for incredible applications on the internet. It is the lever that moves the world.

To build an application on the internet, developers strategically assemble these building blocks into a workable piece. As if putting these building blocks together is not enough work already, developers also structure their application to suit the provisions of the internet.

Structuring an application to suit internet unarguably sound easier than it could really be. However, having built an incredible application and hosted it on the internet, a developer deploys an incredible solution on a platform plagued by numerous issues. Security issues, performance issues, privacy issues…you name it.

Despite being a masterpiece, today’s internet is far from perfection. Technological advancements have in fact widened the scope of these issues and as technology grows, the internet seem to wither even more.

Syntropy (formerly NOIA) network’s solutions have shone light on how the internet can be salvaged using blockchain technology, enhanced and encrypted routing technology and a programmable gateway protocol.

To enable developers use the Syntropy platform to deploy solutions to and on the internet, Syntropy network has released an array of exciting tools as part of its infrastructure roll out. These infrastructures form The SYNTROPY STACK.

syntropy stack.jpeg

The Syntropy Stack is a collection of tools and libraries to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any devices or services running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge location.

Syntropy in essence refines the internet and provides an alternative way of doing things on the internet, one which fixes the biggest issues of todays internet.

Syntropy stack arms a developer with essential tools to build workable applications on the internet while handling core functionality issues such as security, speed, and personal data security.

The Syntropy Stack is built by network engineers for network engineers.


What is in the Stack?

What’s in the stack? Its everything you need. Everything you need to build on the internet without hitches, everything you need to build an application devoid of popular issues, everything you need to be a better developer on the internet. Syntropy stack is a collection of well-crafted tools managed by the syntropy team. Such as;



The Syntropy agent: The syntropy agent provides a single solution to endpoint security. It is a sophisticated protocol which aids efficient and secure endpoint communication while managing the whole network. It is an easy-to-use dependency which automatically encrypt and connect endpoints within a network. Syntropy agent provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution for companies to evolve their business operations and user experiences.

Programmable APIs: APIs connects the server side and the client side of an application. Feeding users with data from the server and accepting data input by users forms a major bulk of the network interactions. Inefficiency of data transfer in any of these instances is a major cause of poor application performance. Syntropy stack presents programmable APIs which allows a developer some level of control over the efficiency of data transfer process. Use Syntropy network’s programmable APIs to easily manage Syntropy Networks from your applications and development workflows

Network as code: This allows developers to build their networks through YAML configurations and completely automate application deployments.

To mention just a few, the Syntropy Stack documentation contains a comprehensive guide to using the syntropy stack as a developer.

Here’s a visual presentation of the Syntropy Stack:


Syntropy is not on a mission to totally rebuild the internet, the internet is already a masterpiece; however, it leverages better technologies to fix the most pressing issues. As regards this, Syntropy stack and the Syntropy platform allows developer to easily integrate their already existing applications on the public internet with Syntropy network which promises a better automation, encryption (and hence security) and user privacy.

After a successful release, the Syntropy stack is accessible to developers who wish to start building on the Syntropy platform, there are absolutely no limit to what could be achieved using the Syntropy stack and building on the Syntropy platform.

For more detailed information and user guide Read the Syntropy stack Documentation.

Official Syntropy stack launch announcement

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