By Nnaji moses | Nnajisblog | 8 May 2020


You are my precious jewel
Your gentleness draws me to you
Your beauty brings a smile to my
Face,I have never seen any as
Charming as you

You are indeed a treasure I have seen and just seeing you brings pleasures to my heart
Just like the morning flowers you
Glow like the glittering stars.
I wished I LOVE YOU could be the
Whole lyrics of a song. I would have
Released albums just to let
You know how I feel .

Tho you are gentle but your quietness ,coupled with your kindness and smartness keeps me wondering ,how unique one
Can be , believe yea me what
I feel for you is real,than realities, itself,
Maturity I once thought is of age but you have proven me wrong

K, you are my hidden joy
And what I feel for you believe me is what mere words can't
express, thoughts of you takes
Away all my worries, memories of you is a dream I wish not to wake from ,I really want you to walk with me tho it may
Not be Rosy but it will in no


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Nnaji moses
Nnaji moses

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