DoraHacks launches on Republic

By nikkar | nikkar | 20 Oct 2019

Hackers and developers are rapidly increasing in numbers, as are the amount of open source projects. Yet there's an increasing gap between enterprises looking for talent and developers looking for gigs. 

This all boils down to talent recruitment. Enterprises still rely on traditional recruiting methods to find top talent. This simply doesn't work. 

Advanced technical talent is hard to convey in a traditional resume. One solution is to source talent at in-person hackathons or events, but these can be hard to scale.

DoraHacks provides recruiting services to a community of talented hackers by connecting them to top global companies through hackathons. They bridge the gap between the 4 Million engineers in the U.S. and the companies looking to ramp up their engineering departments. They're creating a global ecosystem where hackers can track projects for enterprises and potential employers to browse, bridging gap for business.

Watch DoraHacks' pitch video


The highlights:

  • Active global developer community with over 20,000 hackers
  • 100+ hackathons with 1500+ hackathon projects completed to date
  • Affiliate raised $2 Million+ to date
  • 800% revenue increase from 2017 to 2018

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