Russian satellite will check whether there were Americans on the moon or not

By Nik735 | nik168 | 6 Aug 2019


This week at the Museum of cosmonautics of Moscow was presented the microsatellite project, the main task of which will be the photography of the moon, which in 1969, presumably, landed American astronauts. Only four people participated in the development: engineer Nikita Partsevsky, software engineer Vladimir Shpagin, mathematician Yaroslav Mashtakov, and ballistics programmer Anton Gromov. The creators of the satellite say that its mass will be 70 kilograms, and the diameter of the telescope — 14 centimeters.

It will operate in the polar orbit of the moon, and after transmitting images of the landing site of NASA astronauts, will be used for surface shooting of a natural satellite of the Earth. Blogger-popularizer of cosmonautics Vitaly Egorov, who presented the concept of the satellite, reports that its service life will be one year. Egorov estimates the development of the project at about $ 20 million, but at the moment only 1.5 million rubles have been collected with the help of the crowdfunding platform Boomstarter. Now the team is in search of investors, and reports that the construction of such a device will take about three years. The main mission of the new satellite will once and for all resolve disputes about the "lunar conspiracy" and get clear pictures of the place where the astronauts of the United States made (or did not make) landing.

We remind you that on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time. The first time it was not only for himself, but for all mankind, because at that time it was not possible for anyone. At that time, America lost much to the USSR in the space race, because Soviet scientists had already managed to bring a man into outer space and into earth orbit for the first time.

Since then, our natural satellite has been visited by 12 American astronauts — and not a single Soviet or Russian. Because of this, people began to build a variety of conspiracy theories: that Neil Armstrong had never been on the moon, that all the photos and video production, fabricated by the us government, and that it was just a play for the victory over the Soviet Union. Over time these theory have become so popular, that even received the General name: Lunar plot.

An important point of history for conspiracy theorists was the death of astronauts in 1967, two years before the conquest of the moon Armstrong — three people burned alive, preparing for his first manned flight to the moon. There were rumors that they were going to tell the world the whole truth about the upcoming falsification, for which they were eliminated by the American government. That is why the development and launch of microsatellite is an important moment for us, because it will allow us to know the truth, even after 50 years. No matter what new pictures of the moon tell us — in any case, it will put an end to decades of controversy and strange theories.

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