The Burryman Festival at South Queensferry Edinburgh,Scotland


The BURRYMAN Custom began in 1687 in South Queensferry Edinburgh,Scotland today, via competition for the Fringe Fest each second week of August.

The Burryman was said to repel evil spirits and unintentionally frighten wee children.

Oh look it's the Burryman!


According to local folklorists, A local man is chosen to be the present day Burryman, he must walk about the town, a seven mile pathway covered from head to his ankles with itchy, scratchy burrs.from a Burdock plant. The Burryman holds two flowered staffs as he slowly makes his journey to each public house. He is given a drink of whisky through a straw.The Burryman does this for a total of nine hours as that's how long it takes sauntering around sporting  uncomfortable burrs while accumulating whisky and money. Maybe the modern Burryman will ask for Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency?

The Burryman tradition allegedly brings good fortune to the town-folks only if they gift the Burryman with whisky and money, if not the town people will endure bad luck.


You can check out the Burryman Festival

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