StakeCube - Passive Income Gem?

By Nielsb | nielsb | 15 Apr 2021

Stakecube masternodes platform

StakeCube is a fast growing, community driven one stop crypto eco-system!

There's many advantages to using them over other exchanges / interest accounts, not only because they don't have any withdrawal fees on most coins. But besides that there's tons of amazing investment opportunities.

Current apps

With a big range of products and growing fastly StakeCube is bound to continue the growth they've maintained the last year (Over 300% in members)


MineCube for example, StakeCube can offer competitive rates on electricity and mining hardware due to bulk order.

By using MeaTec as their hosting provider, StakeCube can offer electricity for around $0.05 kWh!

At only $4 per worker and a return of $0.017~ daily per worker at this moment the APY is over 155%!

Besides that there's 0.02-0.03% daily compounding interest on BTC, LTC, Dash, Doge & SCC, coming to 7.57% to 11.57% yearly interest over your balances.


$SCC , StakeCubeCoin is currently valued around $1.30 which gives it a market cap of only $11 million on an amazing project, multiple usecases and lots of exciting things coming in 2021.

Running on Dash codebase you can mine SCC or run a masternode at an estimated 23.74% APY.


Tons of possibilities to grow a passive income with any budget, I felt like I had to share this gem that I found.


Sign up now: StakeCube


If you have any questions at all about StakeCube, or would simply like more info about the project. Feel free to DM me on Instagram and I'll help you get started 100% free.

(@bkcf on IG)



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