Let's get into: Crypto Sword and Magic [a top-ranking RPG from the EOS Dapp universe]

By Nickoshi | Nicks Dapp Picks | 22 Sep 2019

Do you love RPG gaming? Do you love Crypto, EOS, or the thought of combining the two into a fun-filled and always potentially rewarding experience? Then this article is for you, my fellow cryptogamers and soon-to-be cryptogamers! Let us take a foray into the world of.... 



 A classic turn-based RPG style, you get to team up with other players across the globe to wage war on the evils that dwell within the world! Tons of items with more added in each update(which are being regularly cranked out now). And since it's on the EOS blockchain everything that you earn is an asset that you have possession of forever, there is an in game auction house where you can sell the gear you collect that you don't need, for real EOS($$$) some of the most legendary items sell on the auction house regularly for 20,30,50, I've even seen an item go for as high as 150 EOS so far(I know this because a real life friend of mine spent part of his paycheck on it lol) the game runs smooth, has a cool musical score and great sound effects! Here is glimpse of some of the things you can expect : 

Pretty neat right? Ok, so now you are interested and probably wondering "What can I be?" Well I'm glad you asked because that brings us to the next segment;

2. Character Classes

In Crypto Sword and Magic(from here on out abbreviated to 'CSM') you are given the choice of 3 different roles you can play, each one plays differently, with it's own strengths and weaknesses, and CANNOT be changed later(unless you make something else on a different EOS account)The choices are Fighter, Mage, or Rogue. Each specializing in their own type of combat, Fighters are obviously up close and personal specialists that can use a wide variety of 2 handed armor 1 hand + shield. Rogues special in dealing high amounts of damage but also avoiding damage through the use of avoidance skills and dodge mechanics, they can use Bows/Fist Weapons/Daggers/etc. Mages can do great damage to groups of enemies, but also specialize in healing and buffing the team as well. Choose wisely because you will be in said role all the way to level 40 where you can then choose 1 of 2(currently) specialized classes.

351665157-3817d1e42d8c6df20ae1de3ae888f51300aead47032f6f05a984388904283805.jpegThe class selection screen(yes it is in english if that's your region, I play in english myself, just showing the concept as i've already made my char)

3. Specialized Classes

For Fighters, at level 40 you will be given the option to become a bloodthirsty 2 handed Berserker, sacrificing defense for maximum single targetdamage. The other option is a Knight, brandishing the classic sword and board and bringing an epic line of defense to you and the team, keep in mind that is CSM you get credit for soaking damage AND dealing it, so no one misses out(not to mention they still hit pretty hard and have a great aoe skill). Rogues have the choice of specializing in long range combat as a marksman Ranger, or a dual wielding Assassin poisoning and stabbingtheir enemies in the back. Mages lastly but certantly not leastly, can choose to become an all important team supporter as a Priest(healing also is highly rewarded as far as group contributions go). Or an aoe meteor dropping Archmage, both awesome choices in their own right.

351665157-5f2f52d169dc621f5302604129defca58fa534cee5dffd1156f23b23562ea86d.jpeg  (Example of the specialization choice that awaits you at level 40!)


4. You've got your class time to grab a few teammates and hit the fields!


Under the 'Battle' tab you will be greeted with a host of other players characters that are around your level, these are called 'Mercenaries' and are one of the coolest features of CSM in my opinion. Click on a player to add him to your party, up to a maximum of 3 mercenaries, totalling a party of 4 including you. You can also select the magnifying glass icon underneath them to check out their capabilities before hand if you want. There are 3 difficulty levels for each stage, 10 stages per map portion(aka field). You can see by the stars at the top how far you have completed for each stage and are rewarded with 1 crystal, the games currency that you can trade EOS for, for the first completion of each stage.You also receive 3 crystals each time you level. Keep in mind that playing on stages 6 or more levels above or below will result in XP penalties for completion. Hard modes give the best rewards, but are limited to 10 per day(until later).

4. The Shop

In the shop you can find tabs for the Auction House, and the Crystals store where you can purchase things like loot chests and pet eggs. You can sell any piece of gear you aqcuire on your travels in the Auction House with no restrictions, you can also sort by class and rarity, and either bid or buyout items. Keep in mind most players can tell a good item from a bad one just like you will be able to so if you want to succeed in a sale keep your prices in line with the items actual value, a common axe is NOT going to sell for 10 EOS, so don't be that guy!~

5. The Weekly Raid


One of the coolest features and my personal favorite that CSM has to offer is the weekly raid. Every week there is a Raid against a big bad with a Bounty of 200+ EOS, the current raid bounty was 250 EOS! You receive EOS in proportion to how much you contributed to the battle and a crew of 12 at a time(first come first served as far as the que goes, plus how many marks of the hero you have which is a currency you have a chance to earn when you complete a hard mode stage, perfect clearing gives you a better chance, clearing every part of the stage counts as a perfect clear) fights the raid boss, when a hero goes down, the next in line comes in, until the boss is finally defeated. This weeks raid was against a big 

red dragon named Magdaros, and you can see an example of the prize breakdown here : 351665157-ddbbf64f361313938550914e5b3cd6590ba9bdd58f23345f95145b0aad5969ee.pngThe team works hard to create new Raid Bosses and releases cool updates letting us know when a new one is on the way, this is the artwork from the magdaros announcement:


And there has been 2 Magdaros raids since! Can't wait for more.


6. Wrapping things up/Misc/Important Links

Overall CSM has really been a godsend to the Dapp RPG Gaming space, showing the public what can really be done when you successfully bring a game to the EOS blockchain, and to blockchain in general. Combining multiplayer elements, raids, dungeons, specialized classes, true ownership of assets, a 24/7 live auction house, oh and let's not forget frequent updates, like the recently released Mystic Forest update which overhauled the awesome VIP system and added tons of new gear and even a new stage, check it out:


They have shown us the possibilities of what can be done when you combine the awesome technology of blockchain with the fun of an RPG. There is honestly no better time to get involved than now as the game continues to grow everyday with more and more players, there were almost 1,000 players queued up for this passed weeks raid alone, with more players joining day by day. It's time to pick up your weapon of choice and hit the fields in this wonderful game. I could have gone into a alot more depth for their gameplay systems, stats, strategies,etc, but as this was an introduction to spread the word about this awesome project, I will save the technical stuff for my in-depth gameplay article, I would hate to overwhelm anyone or give off the false impression that anything about it is overly complicated, because it has been a very rewarding experience thus far! Oh and before I forget, they are currently hosting a referrall campaign where you can get a gold chest(which a chance to get a legendary item!) Just for filling out the quick google form after creating your character, it will ask you for my character name, which is: Vazriel. 

Here is the link to the form: https://forms.gle/oYVCqUUeKJS2aELh7


Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the battlefield!


You can find everything you need to get started at :

www.cryptoswordandmagic.com <-- Main website

game.cryptoswordandmagic.com  <--- web version for use with Scatter Desktop (www.getscatter.com)

[Crypto Sword & Magic Social Media]

Play game: http://game.cryptoswordandmagic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sword_and_magic
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/x74V8Ph
Medium: https://medium.com/crypto-sword-magic

Telegram Channels :
English: https://t.me/cryptosnm_comm_en
Russian: https://t.me/cryptoswordandmagic_ru
Korean: https://t.me/cryptosnm_comm_kr

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