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Cryptomania Slots; A Truly Rewarding EOSperience!

24 Sep 2019 6 minute read Nickoshi $0.14 tipped

Welcome one and all to Nicks next Dapp Pick, and my #1 choice for a decentralized, aesthetically pleasing, massively fun and truly rewarding Slot Machine game. In my opinion, the best slot experience the current Dapp space has to offer, so; 'Let's ge...

Let's get into: Crypto Sword and Magic [a top-ranking RPG from the EOS Dapp universe]

22 Sep 2019 6 minute read Nickoshi $3.59 tipped

Do you love RPG gaming? Do you love Crypto, EOS, or the thought of combining the two into a fun-filled and always potentially rewarding experience? Then this article is for you, my fellow cryptogamers and soon-to-be cryptogamers! Let us take a foray...