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By Chubbie149 | NFTs of Hive | 26 Apr 2021


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Music can be made into an NFT aka Non Fungible Token both singles and albums can have this done to them witch isn't common knowledge. There are many projects that have come to my attention in recent weeks as I attempted to research and bring attention my own Music NFT. Since todays NFT unboxing is music related (Mutant rockers) I decided to point out a few different music NFT projects, while also going over the benefits artists stand to gain by tokenizing their work.

This isn't music related but its big news in the world of NFTs ADA Cardino has started their own NFT Dapps, Since they are doing well as of late and are partially integrated with LTC this could be big news as such its worth looking into before everyone else gets there. The following link is a referral to their site which many of the Dapps are planed to be developed through.

Music Rights

There are a number of different forms of Music NFTs, Some serve as the track itself others commemorative and have no set production limit while others are more akin to proceed rights of the song or album in question.

UK rapper Big Zuu and US act Taylor Bennett – each sold large stakes (50% and 75% respectively) in the recorded music rights to a yet-to-be-released track. These stakes were themselves divided up into 1% portions as NFTs, selling for $100 apiece.

Commemorative albums or songs

Far more common though these are still rather New so they for the time being are few and far between. However NFT markets change in the matter of days and as soon as it becomes popular it will likely be more common of the different types of music NFTs.
I'm not sure what this falls into the category of I'm thinking the second category in other words I have ownership of the recording not the song, which is a fairly large difference but I had to just guess this is an odd undeveloped market for this artistic medium. Specifics can not be understated its not something an average consumer would know/consider. This is a fairly rare NFT to say the least only 9 out of 20 have been found and may ever be found given the price of packs climbs higher ever time one is opened. because of this the prices have been set extremely high.
I dont want this kind of value and as such I marked mine for $1,600, having something worth this much let alone if it sold for that much is a Tax nightmare waiting to happen. Imagine how panicked I get when the cloud wallet is down I could keep it off line but its not like I want to hodl this bad lad.

See if it where like owning the song outright residual income would be possible off of the use reproduction or sale of the song or album in question. However rare recordings or something like live performances where its a limited or rare production also have value that being a collectable value.

A collectors edition in other words this seems to be the likely case for my music NFT as I outlined while both have value the differences can be vast and these are only 2 types this is a great step for the music industry but it can be troublesome.

The art NFTs are a great example of how to make an economic bubble 101, Those have artificial scarcity on a subjective market two hats you should never wear together. The fiscally irresponsible investing hat on a hat making the investment far from stable like bitcoin but highly risky.

If music NFTs are handled like this where artificially scarce recordings become the norm appose to selling off rights as I outlined in the first section it becomes a very suspect investment unless your a fan and appreciate the music in question and value it for what it is art it can be a shaky financial investment.

Hive has music NFTs/NFT projects

This shocked m how quickly the Market on Hive had a few music NFT projects, like the two live from cannafest recordings on NFT showroom
or the rising star Music NFT project announced here

Good to see developments like this now the types of creatives hive ca serve as a venue for is continuing to expand & that is a really great thing. Hive is great at helping those that would have otherwise had their gifts go unnoticed get the attention they otherwise would not.

Adding music to the list should serve to yet again give a struggling medium a platform conducive to development of their monetization process that best utilizes the talent or skillset.

Mutant rockers NFT Pack unboxing

Mutant rockers by the makers of Rap monsters, Cartombs, and Mutant worrier WAX NFT collections created by (R2) & (EOS Amsterdam). This is one of the developers that have this NFT collection Design down not to many packs produced nor is the number of card types so few that the reason for continuing to open packs is non existent. Because of this the packs are a fairly safe bet under $20 that ill increase my investment.

This being said I always try to open a pack for a few reasons because I'm curios and lack impulse control & if I record the event I can do mental gymnastics that justify it.

This and it seems like a great topic of discussion to see what's in a pack without gambling on it personally, Also the resale profit margin I try to include the opened purchase into my figure as an absolute loss in other words I purchase enough to hinge my bet.

Dont get me wrong this is the equivalent of investing in comics or collectable cards a little different but the markets are very similar its a huge risk & its far from a long term stable asset.

Without further stalling for time Mutant rocker 6 Pack NFT unboxing
I got out of 6 cards 1 common 3 uncommon & 2 epic NFTs
These are fairly rare but not the top level rarity, however that is why this collection is worth the short term investment to me the combination or Blend system that allows users to increase rarity through combination. This causes more assets to get burned increasing pack use & thus increasing rarity. The network failed me today but I paid $10 for the six packs and $3- $4 on the single packs al of which I will hold for profit accept the one I opened but even for buying them to open them they are a great collection I always felt these company's products are well thought out though they are not the best NFT game around its not bad for a topical popular collectable NFT line.
Learn about all the features here
A great collection by one of the Better NFT producers on WAX for this reason I give Mutant Rocker NFT packs a rating of:

4.9 out of 5

would have been perfect if the WAX network could handle this many orders but it cant i lost time and money they need to get to understanding their shortcomings in network resources (Boid) or having users delegate system ram for the Network workload seems like a workaround for similar issues I have seen before.
pat scratch who can be unhappy with this?

What I'm smoking

Another new dispensary just opened near me so I had to go and try some of their products. This stuff is grown in house with the growing staff on site showed me a chemical analysis readout un prompted that's a good sign. When they address the unclean product issue directly like that instead of ignoring the purity issue is good when the company is smaller my other new supplier is large enough not to have to question their website but smaller business can be wild cards.

I had to many of my favorite dispensaries close over the years usually the cops robbery is less of an issue then the police to be frank from what I have observed but theft dose occur. I had my favorite close due to the pandemic and the owners had personal reasons as to why they did not reopen. So I have been looking for a new regular dispensary for a while the other one I have been visiting lately is a little far for my taste but I found this one which is closer and a found another that delivers.

So today I'm smoking Big bud from a different dispensary this time
Big Bud is an Indica marijuana strain made from a three-way cross of Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. Big Bud delivers deeply relaxing effects, this particular specimen was grown well tastes and tests clean.
clean healthy cronic all the things

Cronic cards new name and design

While yes I will periodically release more of the original series to keep market demands met. I have improved somewhat from my first attempt at NFT generation, Not that I better understand the process my canabiscards or Cannabis cards will have 3 image layers and a description I'm trying to more legitimize my collection
Though it wont stay white background I am removing the divider and including a strain description as a text layer. This should improve shelf or listing visibility giving the customers a better indication of the subject matter.

I'm going to keep these very limited my last collection I got a bit ahead of my demand so I'm going to have to approach this collection a little different.

Other projects to check out

So many different projects in various blockchains that always seem to be something I'm missing out on highlighting because its hard to find a way to tie the information in to the topic of the write up. These may not represent enough independently for a full write up but its important enough to get a shout out.

COM has been active and mining for some time now But I literally have been pushing projects aside trying to keep up with the WAX launches sorry for the delay but COM is a Hive crypto that gives holders a payout daily in several different Hive crypto.

This is important information regarding juicy field If you have been trying to get into business with or just learn more about juicy field they have a AMA scheduled When: Monday 26th of April
Time: 17:00 - 20:00 CET
Where: Zoom → sign up in the link below:
Zoom juicy AMA signup 
I'm not exactly a great representation of this community someone with a little more social media presence or a cannabis related business may want to attend. I Got this info as a member of their site (a service that lets users invest in growing pot plants) Since its an open ama the public isn't aware of & they have key figures from the companies Head of Marketing and Business Development team answering questions and interacting with those in attendance this would be a great opportunity for someone to approach them about representation on or cooperation with weedcash or one of the weedcash members other cannabis based businesses.

Major changes to the prices and function of roller coin on 4/20 cheaper miners new mining and they improved gaming and market interfaces decreased minimum withdraw amount for DOGE

Alien Worlds

To much to ever explain but This is a free NFT mining game on WAX & I finally figured out something major has all the active stats on which zone is best for mining how voting works and item NFT mining stats that change frequently Giving you a comprehensive guide on how to play and even how to get the most NFTs or crypto for the time you play. This company is very active with its user base and do give aways frequently between their twitter, telegram, and discord.

They just did a huge give away on twitter
Plus their crypto TLM now fairly worthless is getting integrated with Binance soon so TLM will likely shoot up in value so now is the time to get mining or just hodl some.

Game credits free NFT generation
A gas fee free NFT market through Game credits an ERC 20 crypto services and Blockchain Game promotional NFT company. Now Gas free NFT generation and selling on site through the forge. Their customization includes Defi a little bit different from your standard NFT generation options, They also have the option for concealed layers to the NFT until after purchase its still an ERC20 but some of their features at game credits are free.

Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop url for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.


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If your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

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