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By Chubbie149 | NFTs of Hive | 6 Jan 2022


Ubisoft fans are upset Ubisoft games will soon feature NFTs as cosmetic items in game like skins.

I think NFTs - blockchain & games belong together as do all other forms of digital property.

Let me make this clear Ubisoft the game developers recently started an NFT based In game item store for Ubisoft Quartz & Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint.

My hope is we as nerds can get pass this fear turned petty disgust the gamer culture has regarding NFTs. Ubisoft NFTs are actually Tezos Based of all blockchains meaning its a POS blockchain. This cant be a good thing ease of use TEZOS isn't still I like Tezos, but I know the complications of NFT production resell & purchase on Tezos.

Todays post I'm comparing new entry's to blockchain gaming with old veteran projects seeing if traditional gaming industry can even come close to the greats in play to earn.

Time to get my nerd on

I try my best to hide this part of my personality but, I'm a major tech nerd which is part of the reason I'm fixated with play to earn games.
Recently I have been focused on a particular aspect of Blockchain Games, Game engines. Ubisoft throwing their hat into the ring for NFT production of game assets is a major step.

Ubisoft utilizes their own game engine known as AnvilNext why does this matter at all?

It matters because Game engines make up the majority of the time spent in the Game development process.

This is why independent titles without game engines built from scratch take forever to create.

Bio Shock the first version took 5 years to develop partially because they made their own game engine. While say Call of duty titles can be churned out in a little over a year using the Unreal game engine.

Anyone not obsessed with game history like I am dont realize the significance of Game engine based titles in the world of blockchain games.
Tokenizing Skins is an obvious first step but its the first of many, this will likely change the play to earn NFT market once fully implemented.
Does this mean Splinterlands will go the way of the thylacine, I dont think so as Splinterlands & games like alien worlds have actually changed the nature of games + their games are much more elaborate. Compared to a typical game when it comes to how the assets have governance + user input causing game play changes Alien Worlds & soon Splinterlands are just years ahead already.
A Thylacine 👆

Because of this they have a superior nature to their builds based on the Time they have had to perfect them.

In other words Splinterlands and alien worlds are a cut above the rest better then the vast majority of the market.

Though mainstream games have been around a while they are new to this type of market & thus need to adjust to it.

Check out the Ubisoft Quarts NFTs here

I wish the first attempt was done in such a way average players could more readily access & understand the NFT aspect of the title.

That's why WAX has a leg up they are easily accessed & more or less understood. Those a little more advanced know WAX is nightmarishly complex, but its easily accessed on a baser level. on

Ubisoft having in Game Tom Clancy's Ghost recon NFTs in January Told you 2022 is the year of Play to earn games & blockchain gaming.

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Wow cant believe I'm up to nearly 1,600 followers across PublishOx, HIVE, & Torum.
Thank you all for your support, I couldn't do this without you so thanks for allowing me to continue with these write ups & NFT airdrops.

Gnocity Team Bracket Update

I Started a Gnome City called HIVE swarm a few months ago season 1 apparently already ended. Recently they started Season 2 and added team brackets to the Game allowing me to view our team status.
We placed 4th in the 6v6 Team Brackets
This is thus far the seasons take place over a few months, Top 3 teams in each category get a WAX prize up to 10,000 split amongst the team evenly.
That's the time of our next match & ill have more info after this


TEAM VS TEAM Hive Swarm @ 01/06/2022 23:57 UTC
Simply own one of these NFTs👆 + have 3 to 5 accounts playing Gnocity & you to can make a Gnocity team.
One thing that Blockchains Game all share is that more or less all of them are a work in progress. This isn't inherently a bad thing for instance Fortnight was really successful & technically always in the beta test phase. Allowing the developers to fine tune the game almost constantly.

Unfortunately Blockchain games tend to stall out in development some fail entirely so the market tends to be cautious. Gnocity has had a long road thus far & they are finally starting to reach long sought goals with the games design.

You simply require very cheap Gnome NFTs to play ill airdrop some today you can play Gnocity via the link below.

Zombie coin miner Crypto update

Zombie Coin miner is an example of a Blockchain Game in the active build phase. Meaning rather large updates happen sometimes multiple times a day.

Zombie Coin Miner originally was strictly a NFT colection with packs & blend use case supported via Nefty Blocks. Recently they started to convert their NFTs to FT (Non Fungible Tokens to Fungible Tokens) Basically NFT ZBC to Crypto ZBC.
Since you may either sell the ZBC NFTs or take a price cut get ZBC crypto & exchange it immediately for WAX. I mentioned this two write ups ago 👇 so this isn't the news if you follow my HIVE posts.
What is new is the burn blend use cases in game for ZBC & their new crypto ZBW.
I like this it shows the people working on Zombie Coin Miner know what they are doing.

NFT systems burn use cases on WAX rarely interact with their crypto as the NFT burn use cases where more or less made to interact with other WAX NFTs. Alien Worlds is the only other example of WAX alt NFT blend use case I can actually think of.
Though you cant sell ZBW like you can ZBC because it lacks liquidity you can burn it to produce high value NFTs which have usage in Phase 2 which starts soon.
This is a Fence NFT 👆 which can be sold for
So around $15 on the lower side they do sell it may take a while which is why the ZBC crypto is far superior to the NFT version.
Right now all materials other then lumber NFTs can be converted instead to ZBC.
See they have yet to announce what the TBA green crypto is featured in your in game balance but this is new. Showed up about a week ago with the last update on Alcor along side ZBW.
Called ZBF no idea what this does, but boy I'm sure curious
Zombie Food is my guess & this is rather common practice with WAX play to earns. Also Zombie Food is usually Brains or people I think so your citizen is already Zombie Food.
Shifting focus on a dime basically the food system has me stocking up on the ZBC FT & NFTs thus I'm buying & opening more packs (tickets) then ever.
Since I get cash Back on Nefty Blocks I pay roughly $0.30 USD on a Mining Ticket.
Odds are you get crap NFTs but lately I have had a run of good luck Impartial Randomly generated assets are the best they have actually pure odds which isn't likely now with gambling.
Phase 2 begins this month so I am expecting some price spikes in the near future.
Fun Fun in this month of Zombie Coin Miner!!
Tickets (packs) like the $3 one shown above will be in each airdrop.

FNAF new form of Ray tracing + NFTs on the way?

Five Night at Freddie's FNAF is a horror video game franchise that has expected launches of Funko Pop NFTs in the near future. The newest game in the FNAF series recently dropped Marking the dawn of a new form of Ray tracing in real time being used in games. A great explanation of why this is important in the following Video 👇.
Now while somewhat unrelated the Funco Pop vIRL NFT line of commemorative FNAF NFTS should be launching soon its been almost to quite on the subject.

No news in this case means something big is moving, like when a predator is sensed & it gets quite same thing the little fish scatter when big fish are near.

Funko Pop did 4 launches back to back now all of a sudden nothing add to that FNAF security breach launched a few weeks ago I think they will soon make a move.

From what I can tell the FNAF NFTs will be on WAX at some point TBD but they are in no way connected to the game but its merchandise.


What Splinterlands has that other game developers lack is experience utilizing Blockchain Mechanics with their NFT colection Crypto & game. This seamless interconnection Is what sets older Blockchain games like Splinterlands apart.
For instance Burn blend use cases, their pack system how its non pre determinate & results can thus be modified after purchase. NFT Rental markets, NFT retail markets, liquidity pools, & crypto exchange asset support these are all problems solved already mainstream game developers are not even aware of yet.

See this is the 2022 road map for Splinterlands SPS advancements Land Plots & another new pack launch.

Meanwhile Ubisoft just cracked intro to NFTs Game tokens on on blockchain, Splinterlands is writing the advanced course in Blockchain integration as their game develops.

Splinterlands is like art done almost to perfection but like many modern games its an active project constantly improving while not sacrificing its core functionality.

Improving upon how Splinterlands is integrated with Blockchains, caused their assets to be some of the most popular multi chain assets. Pioneering WAX NFT portals literally shaping the path play to earn games will take in the coming years.

Looking at talent & the projects complexity is what I do best. Knowing the challenges faced & seeing how they handle them when encountered is so valuable.
For now the community has town halls but SPS will introduce game governance to the players giving you a DPOS based vote (technically a POS vote but that's a subtle difference).

Todays airdrops include 3 Gold Splinterlands NFTs If you still have yet to play the game of the future which is Splinterlands please consider using my referral link below.

Crazy thought

Splinterlands is introducing In game Governance & land plots at roughly the same time roll out wise.
Taking notes from the only land plot system done right Alien Worlds I think I may have a few thoughts on what may happen.

This is strictly a hypothesis with nothing top support it, but the governance in theory could be applied to the Land plots as well giving owners control over revenue & rewards systems.

Alien Worlds for instance can generate WAX NFTs from multiple collections if the land plot the user mines on has an attached NFT rewards pool.

Alien Worlds does this on WAX but you know what other blockchain has a booming NFT market HIVE. Splinter Talk Token NFTs for instance being paired with a Splinterlands Land Plot Rewards pool on HIVE would function the same for all NFTs made on HIVE frond ends Such as NFT showroom, Palnet, Weedcash, Hive list, & more.

This would create a more universal usage with the NFTs of HIVE instead of how currently its compartmentalized.

Swap States Metaverse is similar to how Upland has governance in parts of Alien Worlds. Staking / ownership is being fully utilized by these games & few others come close.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds does NFT interoperation right the Planetary & land plot governance is simply astounding. Combined with 4 different WAX NFT collections + Binance & Upland having Planets or land plots generating their NFT assets through the Alien worlds Game.
This complexity like Splinterlands is poetry in motion
This is why main stream game developers just joining blockchain are out of their league.

Pro tip

You want to if your intent is to profit on NFTs get out ahead of the news, My problem is I'm often way to early on my intel causing it to appear incorrect at times.
KOGs For instance I have been with this NFT colection & play to earn since July of 2021. Above 👆 is a new unannounced in game pack of KOGs recently minted by their official account.

KOGs play to earn game will soon be monetized I know I have said that many times but never before have they minted RFOX wrapped crypto on WAX.
I doubt its a fake as the account that made it supplied thousands of dollars in liquidity & the price seems to track RFOX.
That + new packs dropping & their Game accounts updating to sync with your WAX / BSC RFOX account.
KOGs getting airdropped today

Main stream games or blockchain games

If not obvious yet I feel that mainstream gaming markets have a tough road to true tokenization. Ubisoft took an important first step but its first of many while the gaming industry had been a monolith but 5 years ago. A small upstart competitor blockchain gaming has grown to be able to challenge their might.
The older game companies when it comes to blockchain simply are out of their league for now at least.

Airdrops how to

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