Getting Started a NFT interviews

By NFT Journalist | NFT Journalist | 7 Mar 2022


About me

I am a Portuguese Freelancer on the Music and NFT space. The Blockchain Technology brought me hope for a better future. Finding about NFTs has changed my life dramatically. Soon I realized how versatile and empowering that can be, for both creators and collectors. I studied the niche, focusing on NFT utility, and I came across mind blowing projects that inspired me to get start as a creator too.



My motivation

I believe the NFT Space deserves more attention, specially the Utility NFT focused projects. Original and unique NFT Collection should be highlighted and have a bigger standing in the wide NFT Community.

Yet it is hard for many creators to create a successful community that supports their original and unique art. So I am happy to help the unique original small go big.


We are in this together

Soon I will schedule my first interviews and among them some uncut gems that are well worth looking into it.

I plan to cover NFTs in any conceivable chain and I am open for interview applications. Reach me out if you are interested.

Instagram: @



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NFT Journalist
NFT Journalist

I am a NFT Creator and lover who interviews other NFT Creators.

NFT Journalist
NFT Journalist

Passionate NFT Creator and artist that interviews other creators

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