Technology between reality and fantasy"

1}There is no doubt that our modern world has become based on the fact that technology has become an integral part of human life today, regardless of his geography or social level, strength or weakness. It is also an integral part of the global economic movement that attracts capital, as well as its crumbs, from the poor before the rich. Its influence overpowers strength with both its rough and soft sides. Every seeker strives for it, each with his drink, to enhance the strength, influence and capabilities of each one, to accumulate money and wealth, to facilitate the movement of life that was more difficult before, and to adapt what was disobedient, and other things that interfere with one's movement and stillness in today's world. This ramification and overlapping makes it difficult to develop a clear and comprehensive definition of the phenomenon of technology, just as it is difficult to develop a single concept through which the phenomenon of technology can be considered in its overlap with various other phenomena such as politics, economics, and the human society.


2}It is worth mentioning that the level of analysis in this study is comprehensive and not partial. We are dealing with technology as a general phenomenon directed by modern society in terms of being a field for human action, as we mentioned. We deal with it on the international level or the level of international relations. We do not address it from a partial level, such as studying technology in its relationship and impact on the electoral process. Rather, it is Gaza and the entire world .

3}For the definition; Two levels of definition can be put in place, an abstract level through which technology can be defined in terms that cannot be disagreed with according to time and place, and a contextual one that is more expressive and clear about the reality of technology in our context today, in which it has become completely different from the context of the past in which we lived previously in our time. It will also differ from the context of the future that only God knows: As for perception, how do we see technology and judge it? There are different schools that deal with this field and study it, we will explain it briefly and then prefer the most expressive perception of the reality in which we live.




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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

Technology is a modern technology that appeared in our time and developed a group of things that we considered difficult, made it easier and brought us closer to skills and everything necessary in our lives, and gave us a clear view of the universe and brought it closer to us from all its aspects.

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