Implications for the role of technology in 2021

1}Digital transformation, women's health and climate change :

The year 2021 will be a year of a set of new changes, as advanced digital technology will become more widespread and widespread in the world than ever before. Education technology of all kinds, which is sensitive to the cultural considerations of each region and each particular country, for example the company "", will help women to educate their children at home without going to educational centers. Telemedicine on a larger scale will also improve access to health care and it is well developed, especially for working women. With a focus on women's health and the increasing wealth of women, we will continue to see innovations related to women's reproductive health and sexual wellness. Finally, climate change will continue to be addressed through unusual alliances between large companies and the movement of products. Everyone is aware of what is coming in terms of climate changes to take caution and caution.


2}ذModeling policy to better face the economic crisis :


I expect major policy rebalancing to address the economic recovery in 2021. Supporting policymakers with digital innovations to model the impact of policies on the informal sector and trade will be key to ensuring that policy responses are right, to protect and support businesses and the economy in general when the next crisis hits and to prepare for the next one.” Viola Llewellyn, President and Co-Founder, Ovamba Solution.


3}Infrastructure, security and multiplicity :


In my personal view, I believe that the successful global success of business is based on the proven infrastructure of strong technology, with digital transformation to ensure a safe, good, fair and sustainable environment in every country. The important necessities that must be considered while creating, designing and deploying our technology are privacy by design, product accessibility, and a carbon-neutral cloud with net-zero emissions. Human capital remains the key to successfully doing global business. I strongly believe in transparent global innovation and investment in diversity and public talent that will catalyze innovation and develop it well and better. Lily Chang, Vice President of Strategic Transformation at VMware and a member of the Women Who Code Board of Directors.

4}Working together in a crisis :


The biggest change in technology will often be cultural. We all need to work together to meet all of humanity's basic wants and needs. In the United States, many people go to bed hungry, due to the economic collateral damage of the pandemic. We produce enough meals to feed Everyone, and I believe that the technology sector can help find ways to provide these meals where they are needed in this time to meet all the requirements.



Technology and climate


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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

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