Roger Ver is Open to Buying

Roger Ver is Open to Buying

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 28 May 2020

Roger Ver, prominent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and cryptocurrency proponent, has hinted in a recent Reddit thread started by anonymous owner Cobra that he would buy if he could. 

Cobra, the current sole owner of, is reportedly looking to retire his identity as the owner and sell the site. Cobra has been the owner of the website for nearly 7 years. He first announced that he would relinquish control over the domain in early May 2020, saying that he already had a few people in mind who would be good stewards for it.

The announcement stated his intentions very clearly,

I just want to inform that I will gradually be reducing my involvement in this year, it won't happen instantly but hopefully by the end of the year, I won't be around anymore…I plan to be thorough and meticulous here and find the right people.

Cobra discussed the possibility of new owners on the Reddit thread, to which Ver pitched in his thoughts, saying that he had “cash in hand” to buy the domain.


Ver's comment in the Reddit thread. Source

Ver has said that he has not gone beyond the comment with respect to the purchase, though he would “gladly buy it.” He does not expect to buy it though, but if he did he would use it to “promote peer-to-peer electronic cash systems.” 

Ver attracted attention for his ownership and re-launching of the domain, which some have said led to an increase in investment in Bitcoin Cash, with accusations appearing that uninformed investors couldn’t tell the difference between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash - the latter seeing more investment as a result.

Abhimanyu Krishnan
Abhimanyu Krishnan

Technophile, cryptocurrency enthusiast and journalist.


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