McAfee Abandons His Privacy Project GHOST

McAfee Abandons His Privacy Project GHOST

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 20 Aug 2020

On August 20, business and computer programmer John McAfee tweeted that he had abandoned his privacy project GHOST, which was only announced 4 months ago in April 2020.

  • McAfee cited management issues as being the reason behind the departure, saying that the project will “without a doubt, fail”
  • He also referred to someone called “Josh” as an idiot, possibly referring to one of the aforementioned executives
  • A representative of GHOST said in the project’s Telegram group that McAfee’s involvement would “not affect the GHOST blockchain whatsoever”
  • During the original announcement, McAfee described a selling point of GHOST as it being “unable to ever be shut down by governments” 
  • McAfee relaunched the McAfee DEX as GHOST DEX in June 2020, which then promptly came under scrutiny for plagiarism

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