Why You Want Land in Alien Worlds!

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 1 Dec 2020

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Last week I talked about the upcoming Alien Worlds Land sale and the current presale that is available. Today I'm going to tell you why I think you should be interested in this sale.

Land sales are all the rage in the crypto gaming world. Axie sold out their land sale. Sandbox has sold out every single one of its sales, even crashing due to overload the last time around. Splinterlands sold their first batch of land in 3.5 seconds a month ago, their second batch in 32 minutes just this past weekend. I expect the same from Alien Worlds.

Due to their tiered Dutch Auction style of sale, Alien Worlds won't beat any records on how quickly they sell out, but sell out they will. These Land packs are the most valuable NFTS of the game, IMO! And if you don't have your own, you'll be paying someone else for the privilege of using theirs!

Ownership and governance are two important buzzwords in the crypto community, and land in Alien Worlds will provide both.


From the roadmap infographic above, you can see that from the very beginning, in Phase 1, owning Alien Worlds lands will provide a steady payout of Trilium (the game's official currency). And that's just the start. Terraforming, rentals, upgrades, and planetary governance are all in the pipeline. Read the official blog post for all the details!


WAX Ecosystem

Even if you are not interested in the game itself, NFTs are one of the hot investments in the crypto scene. And in the NFT worlds, the WAX ecosystem is definitely on the rise. From the more mainstream drops such as Shatner and Garbage Pail Kids to multiple card games (Alien Worlds, Tribal Books, and Dark Country) to completely free NFTs from the CryptomonKeys team -- all are proving to be very collectible. Limited sales are sold out every time and the secondary markets are strong across the board!

If you aren't already involved in the WAX scene, getting a WAX wallet is easy. I use the Cloud Wallet for simplicity.

Transfers are free, which is a much welcomed change for anyone with NFT experience on the ETH chain. You will need to stake a minimal amount of WAX, but it's an absurdly small amount. I chose to stake 5 WAX when I started, and it has been more than enough for my purposes. I think the cloud wallet may even give you a little to get started.


Just two more days of presale for Alien Worlds Land packs! Sign up while you can!

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