Rising Star: Get Your Rare On!

Rising Star: Get Your Rare On!

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 25 Oct 2020

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Hello everyone! We have some big news in Rising Star, the musician simulation game on Hive. A recent update has brought scarcity to the game in the form of limited mint numbers for all Legendary, Epic, and Rare items (there is still some indecision around what to do with Common cards)!

This is huge and fixes one of my main concerns with the whole collectible aspect of the game. I guess there is some sort of pattern to how many copies of each rarity there will be, but I'm not entirely sure what it is. Legendaries are limited to 100 (or sometimes 75), Epics seems pretty steady at 250 copies, but Rares can range from 250 to 1750! Most of the cards have not yet hit their limit, so I've been using my Starbits to grab Rares and Epics when I can and as prices are still reasonable. This has the added bonus of increasing my Fans, Skill, and Luck, so it's a win-win for me!

One important thing to track when making purchases in Rising Star, is the cost in Hive vs Starbits. Oftentimes, I find that if I'm willing to take the extra step of converting my Starbits to Hive on the Hive Engine, I can generally get a card for up to 10% less than if I had just bought it directly!

Anyway, back to me. I'm level 61 now, grinding my way up to level 75 (which is needed to run the Band Audition mission and open up Band member slots). I mostly run the Local Mini-tour mission, as it gives the most Starbits and Experience, though I will also throw in Acoustic Tent gigs when the Ego hits get too large, and occasionally lower energy missions when I'm just trying to use up Energy before eating a Pizza. I seem to be done with my hometown. It's just not worth it running the missions there any longer. I'm too big a star to be bothered playing at my local dive bar!

level 61 overview

Controlling my Ego meter has not been too much of a problem. Especially as I have been adding in new cards that give me more Skill than Fans. Running a couple of Music Lesson missions every few days seems to do the trick.

Moving up in the world has felt great. I now withdraw 10,000 Starbits at a time rather than a measly 1,000. Even though I don't have my band together yet, I'm already looking through the car lots for vehicles, and my collection of Instruments continues to grow! And though the grind can be tedious at times, I have a goal to reach, and being able to incrementally increase my Experience and Starbit gain as I go, is great!

In addition to the Rarity limitations, they are also changing up how card packs work.

After another great chat about the above I just removed all boosts and special cards (petrol, rehearsal rooms, etc.) from packs. We will try to ensure that most of these cards are always available on the market apart from the fanboost & skillbost cards which will now only be available as prizes during missions. In the future we will add a special booster pack that works in the same way as the current card pack but just for the cards that I just removed.

Always good to see regular, continued development, especially with the official Beta just around the corner. So if you're interested in a casual, web-based game that you could eventually make money from (by converting Starbits into Hive), then come on down and join us, after all, music is the universal language.


You can find me on many other platforms: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Cryptoz_Newb Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/cryptoznewb Rarible - https://app.rarible.com/cryptoznewb Medium - https://medium.com/@cryptoznewb

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