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Five Crypto-gaming Sales and Events this week!

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 1 Dec 2021

Here are five crypto gaming sales happening this week that you might want to keep an eye on!


Riot Racers Driver Sale (Dec 1st and 2nd)

How can you race a car without a driver? Riot Racers has that aspect covered with their sale of Driver NFTs, beginning on Dec 1st (first time slots just opened!) for those with a whitelist pass (login and check your loot box. You may have gotten one for free!). On Dec 2nd the public sale begins.

You will to make your purchase with ETH on the mainnet, but the team promises low gas fees. Each driver costs 0.07 ETH. Each driver also gives you a reserved spot to pick up a car in the next car drop (nicknamed Apollo). Also, as an extra bonus, every 50th driver bought rewards the purchaser with a free racetrack land! Each wallet can purchase up to 10 drivers.

Here's some more info about Riot Racers drivers:

  • 10% FIRE, 15% WATER, 25% WIND, 50% EARTH
  • There will be Male, Female, and Mecha Drivers.
  • Drivers impact 20% of the race outcome (29% cars, 51% your racing strategy)
  • Drivers will also be characters in the upcoming Riot Metaverse.
  • You WILL BE able to update/upgrade your Driver's look (tattoos and clothing). More details on this will be released in the future.


Farsite Crate Sale (Dec 2nd, 1pm UTC)

This is your final chance to stock up on Credits, ship hulls, blueprints, and other NFT goodies before the Alpha launch! Join now to pre-order your crates and prepare for exploring the galaxy later in December!

Crate costs range from 0.05 ETH to 1 ETH, with the highest cost crates having a chance to hold a special Sacura Key. Only 20 will ever exist and they provide some undetailed perks and access to special space station.

Purchases will be made with mainnet ETH.



HodlGod Immortal Gear 2 Sale (Dec 2nd, 12pm EST)

1*64ARlsOnuYkWu7K3oewjgA.gifHodlgod, a fantasy-themed, FPS, battle royale game on the WAX blockchain, announced a new set of gear dropping this week. Gear is HodlGod will never give an in-game advantage, but it does offer special perks and the ability to stake VOID token to earn more Void token. Already offering play to earn and stream to earn options, Hodlgod continues to build on an already successful game.

For the Immortal Gear 2 pre-sale, players are buying non-tradeaable tokens. Each token will be airdropped an NFT pack on Dec 7th. Tokens cost $50. Only 300 for sale!

Main sale launches on Dec 7th at 12pm EST. 4700 packs for $100 each.


Mirandus Vox Sale (Dec 6th)

Missed out on the first Gala VOX sale? Me too! But now we have a chance to pick up a special Mirandus-themed VOX. Mirandus is a fantasy MMO where all of the in-game resources are controlled by the players. Though the game is still in development, players can already pre-purchase various buildings and characters. Added to that, we now have Mirandus VOX!

The first 888 Mirandus VOX are reserved for owners of Gala Nodes and those with a Gala Gold membership.  Open sale otherwise. Total supply of 8888. Every VOX is unique. They will have some sort of utility within Mirandus (but not Town Star). Unfortunately, we don't know what that utility might be (update: yes we do - here's the relevant article -

Join Gala Games to get ready for the Mirandus VOX drop.


Journey to Godhood Accessories Pack (Dec 2nd, 4pm UTC)


Journey to Godhood is a rather unique, Discord based, fantasy adventure game. At the moment, players can only equip weapons, armor, and hats, but that will soon change with the Accessory pack drop. Players will now have additional options for powering up their character for more dangerous adventures. Starting off in Journey to Godhood does require investing in weapon and armor. After that it is free to play and the coins you earn can be exchanged for WAX on the Alcor exchange. Sign up now to begin your adventure!


So there, you have it. Kind of a quick list of some crypto-gaming sales this week that I know about. If this post is popular I may start doing it on a more consistent basis.

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