Cryptoznewb's Custom Card Set for Gods Unchained: Volume 11

Cryptoznewb's Custom Card Set for Gods Unchained: Volume 11

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 10 Jun 2020

Hello all! We're back with the eleventh edition of CryptozNewb's Custom Card Set for Gods Unchained! has recently updated their website and opened up a contest for card submissions (, inspiring me to come up with another round of new cards for Gods Unchained.

This time around we're showcasing the art of Angevere, whose work can be seen at

I had no pre-existing plans when I started this set. These were all thought up on the fly as I picked out various art pieces to use. You may notice that I got into a bit of a pattern with creating Creatures that do something at the end of the turn, so we do have a bit of a theme going!


 Very niche and kind of a goofy card. Inspired by the artwork   


A little something for those Amazon Swarm decks



 Burn effects are not always useful, at least with the current cards we have, but anything that happens when you cast a spell can be useful for Magic decks




Father Jacob continues with the end of the turn effects, though he is nice enough to bring Warded Creatures onto the table! Spiritweaver 11159180056833.png

 A little healing for Nature, though I'm not really sure they need it!



Kind of a lesser version of the Pixie Summoner, but this one is Neutral


So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed these cards. Thanks again to Angevere and for the inspiration!


Also See me on Flickr -

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