Madness Feat. Raven

By NewenX | newenx | 10 Aug 2019

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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day. This was the first collab with RAVEN. It's a little crazy how it happened. I just had this weird crap hardstyle project from a few years ago which I found by accident, and since I saw it had potential I decided to retake it and make an actual song which turned out to be Madness. I uploaded it to soundcloud and Raven felt that she should sing on it, letting her dark-crazy side out! So this is the result! Can you feel the madness? :D I hope you like it!

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Here's the song on Youtube in case DSound does not play!Also check my latest song under the name #Loki for #Trap!


I have loved music since I have memory and I love to share my feelings with the world through my songs. I've been playing in bands my whole life, punk, metal, hardcore, grunge, rock, death metal, etc. But right now I'm making my way as a solo artist with


I'm a musician making a lot of different styles for you to enjoy :)

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