CyberFM Radio that pays you! ERC20 / TRON / BSC.!

By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 29 Jan 2021

CyberFM is a blockchain radio that pays to you for listening music / news etc

Recently CyberFM got partnership with United Nations. That will bring CyberFM to another lvl.


With the next update is planned to have integrated in the CyberFM app ( tron chain and Binance Smart Chain) I recommend to keep an eye on that project. Anyway you don't waste anything by listening to the radio and earn!

There is also planned a reward program for people that will provide LIQUIDITY on Uniswap. 

I will write down a small guide for beginners how to setup your CyberFM app to earn! 

1. Download app from app store or play store

ad27f1fcc4bd1f117641f3ea06b2223b99ff48c1e5ebdfa50e035247d6bcfe66.jpg2. Open the app.

b01854d2ebf514c74f604065fcf7cb16afc18315a37de560fecbdcc463b2ebcc.jpg2. Press settings, same as i marked on the screenshot.


3. Add your Ethereum wallet address from (trust wallet or other wallet that supports CyFM erc20 token) also you can create directly in the app  a new erc 20 address.

4. After adding address you can begin listening to the radio and get paid like i do. 

270791e6cfd51e3303cc9d362db874e6fe5187376f0ce9fc1c6a56f49dda7730.jpg5. Payout of the CyFM that you earned is once a month. At every beginning of the month!

For more info you can join:

Telegram group where members / admins are happy to help you and answer your questions:




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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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