ClinTex (CTI) Clinical Trials Intelligence

By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 11 Jan 2021

Clinical Trials Intelligence is a distributed technology platform that incorporates predictive data analytics, machine learning (AI), and the innovative use of smart contracts to drive significant quality and operational improvements in clinical trials

CTI Token 
CTi is used for access to the platform via a staking licence model on the Clinical Trials Intelligence integrated wallet.

There is no other payment gateway for access to the platform.

The CTi token will also be used for inter-platform payments in phase 3, such as reward payments to clinical data providers and third party clinical investigators.

At the moment

circulating supply is: 74,695,372

Total supply: 191,311,840

Can be traded on Kucoin pair CTI/USDT




eClinTex t/a Clintex Limited (UK)
2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London
N12 0DRH5, United Kingdom

UK Business Number 11210689

eClinTex t/a Clintex Limited (Estonia)
Juhkentali 8, Tallinn 10132, Estonia

Estonia Business Number 14991810

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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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