Ripple's Blockchain On Verge of A Hardfork?

Ripple's Blockchain On Verge of A Hardfork?

What is the chance of a cryptocurrency to have a bullish market trend when its strong community support is also rivaled by the number of protests against its developers? The answer is literally "slim to none." This may sound quite true in the case of Ripple's current debacle.


No Pump, Just Dump

Ripple owns half of the coins from its total marketcap. Every month they release a part of these reserved coins to fund project ventures. Although a lot of good news has been coming out recently from the team's successful partnership with big banks and remittance industry worldwide, yet XRP still sits stagnantly at its current bearish market price.

So what went wrong? It seems that the problem lies not anywhere else but in the company itself. Many suggested that this is due to the massive dumping of XRP by the Ripple team.




About a month ago, a petition to stop Ripple from dumping coins was started at It aims to reach 10k signatures and currently have more than 3200 signatures as the time of writing. Some dissatisfied hodlers even threatened the company to hardfork the XRP blockchain if the situation will not change sooner. They are giving Ripple a few months to turn the table or else a hardfork will certainly happen.



Opportunity Out of Controversy

To some, the hardfork fearmongering may have gone too far. But for dissatisfied supporters, this is the best way to put XRP back to where it should be in the coin market leaderboard. And for the investors, this is just the perfect time to buy and hold more XRP while the coin is at its favorable price.

Stahn C. Aileron
Stahn C. Aileron

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