Bitcoin Cash's CEO Released a New Exchange Platform to Compete with Coinbase and Binance

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The Announcement, one of the most trusted cryptocurrency website has just announced a new project that will change the competition among crypto exchanges. Bitcoin Cash's Roger Ver has just confirmed recently the launch of their new exchange platform that will compete the big names in the industry like Coinbase and Binance.



Cryptocurrencies Included

So what makes the new crypto exchange different from the rest? Well, some of you may have probably guessed it, but yes, they will make Bitcoin Cash as a base cryptocurrency together with Bitcoin. After all, was built to promote these two high performing cryptocurrencies.

Some of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by marketcap are already listed. These include Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and XRP.



When a big name like try to secure a place in an industry flooded with big tech giants like Coinbase and Binance, the competition will surely be a sight to behold. Roger Ver and his new project has a big wall to crush just to cope up with these two strong and well-established names. But who knows where this new exchange platform will take Will it gather a pool of new supporters on Bitcoincash? Will we be able to see BCH to the moon in few years now? Only time can tell.

Stahn C. Aileron
Stahn C. Aileron

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