TheNewbieAcademy informing that reading and or writing can make you earn real crypto money!

By excelencia | The Newbie Academy | 4 Oct 2021

Hello, absolute beginners! Readers also and Writers also: Hello!

How are you?      

TheNewbieAcademy hopes you are great and hungry  to learn something new and earn some money on the run.

That's why TheNewbieAcademy today likes to inform you about earning while reading and /or writing. 

There's a website running on the web , you can look for it in the PRESEARCH ENGINE when you enter in the search bar  the letters


like in the screenshot here below:


In  the search results of this search you will be seeing appear results and if you click in the results , maybe you are going to come here.

If you like to spend some time reading articles you are interested in , you are in a good place in this website , because it has a lot of great articles to inform you what's going on in the crypto-kosmos.

While reading, well, after reading an article, if you make an account with your email and a password, you can earn a tip and give a tip to the author who wrote the article, and these tips are real money, crypto-money and you can also change it for real dollars! 

Under the article you were reading in publishox after making your account with your email and a password, you will see a bar to give tips , and you can move that bar to the left or to the right. 


Moving the bar  you are choosing how much of real crypto-money you dedicate to yourself and to the author, you can choose to tip between 20 and 80% of the tip to give to yourself and to the author.

Give it a try Now, don't loose your precious time , and there you will see already your earned crypto-money in the dashboard of your opened account.

TheNewbieAcademy will always be happy to inform you about new things you can learn while earning some precious money in that same time.

Stay alert for new upcoming informing articles in TheNewbieAcademy.

By the way, the absolute beginners that already know about TheNewbieAcademy, without any doubt already know how to enter a word or a sentence in the search bar of the PRESEARCH ENGINE. If they look for something on the web using the PRESEARCH ENGINE, they are also earning real crypto-money by each search, did you know this?

Update thursday, december 30 2021 at 14:33 UTC:

In this screenshot below, you can see the actual value of 1 PRE token in dollar at the time of taking the screenshot from Livecoinwatch:


Turn back regularly at TheNewbieAcademy to learn new things in an easy to understand way, this is only for absolute beginners, take it easy!

May You  all have a splendous and prosperous "PRE Christmas week!

Happy Searching and Reading and Earning to all Absolute Beginners and to each and every other reader of this article!



                                        Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash 


The links in this article are referral links, that means that while TheNewbieAcademy is giving information, and you as a reader reading it , depending on your action, you and TheNewbieAcademy can gain advantages, earning some money on the run.



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