Picking the right Bitcoin wallet

By thingsforgotten | new2crypto | 4 May 2021

When you finally obtain some Bitcoins or other crypto currency you need a place to store them, right? I grew tired of crypto currency and was looking for a place to store my coins. Bitcoinwallet.com for some reason looked like a safe haven to me. Years later after becoming excited about Bitcoins again I go searching my files for where I might have put them all! I was shocked to see my balance dwindled due to "inactive account maintenance fee." Especially since I now know so many sites will provide you with interest on your Bitcoins. The next kicker was the high fee to send my coins elsewhere.

Bitcoinwallet fees

My personal experience with Bitcoinwallet has not been good. I have not found a wallet currently that I feel comfortable in leaving all my coins in. Rather, I have my coins spread out on the multiple portals I use to earn Bitcoins.

A shoutout to FreeBitco.in though! During my break from crypto currency I still had coins on their site, that I earned using their hourly faucet, that actually earned interest instead of maintenance fees. You have to have 0.0003 BTC minimum to earn interest and the rate is around 4%. Just recently I did a test withdrawal and their fee was 90% less than Bitcoinwallet. 

If anyone can recommend a decent wallet please comment why and the benefits of the wallet. 




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I was introduced to Bitcoin back in 2010. It was easy to earn coins with faucets and other free methods. I quickly lost interest until now in 2021. The price has sky rocketed and it is much harder to obtain coins. Unfortunately, I did not save my private key for my wallet. This blog will discuss a newcomer's view on the crypto coin market for entertainment, help, and to journal my endeavors.

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