Alien worlds

Alien Worlds, why I'm out, and liquidating my WAX

By Reaverraver | new to crypto | 1 Sep 2021

So I've been giving Alien Worlds a chance, I really have.  I got in at, in hindsight,  seems to have been the worst point, and diligently mined away every time the miner ran down.  I struggled to get around the CPU error, I waited patiently for the teleporter to work to get money on the wax network. I joined communities to find out where to mine, I looked up spreadsheets for tools to get. 

I sold my TLM, and bought new and better mining equipment for extortionate prices. I figured out how to get around the various crashes ( not always alien worlds, but also wax cloud wallet related ).  But yet another crash, and yet another three days of being unable to make any transactions, I've decided enough is enough.  The amount of income I am receiving just does not justify me putting up with so much nonsense, and spending so much time trying to get it working.

First it was all the planets mining pools being set to 0, for awhile. Then being unable to change mining places, then the pop up menu not working. I think the last straw that broke the camels back, I have been mining consistently for more than 3 months now, and the number of nft's I've received from alien worlds?  0. And before everyone starts, yes I know you need to claim it yourself.  I've checked, still nothing.  I've been supplementing my mining income with 3rd party NFT drops, but it just is not enough. 

There has been NO engagement with the alien worlds community, apart from their stupid twitch shows.  All their great upcoming features like the thunderdome is still in the works ( maybe ).  If they can't even release a working base game on one part, I don't see how they can add more features without at least making sure that crashes are minimized to maybe once a day.

I am earning more in interest in Polycat paw tokens, than I am actively mining everyday with alien worlds.  So I think it is time I say good bye to the wax network, liquidate and put the money somewhere else.  The only positive I can take away from this was meeting the great people in the community.  But I have never really been NFT minded.  So good bye WAX. 

If anyone wants to buy any of the NFT's in my collection, I have listed everything a little lower than the lowest market price, it would help me liquidate sooner. Some of them I am sorry to see go, like the excellent samurais and the blue man token, but I am getting out of the wax chain entirely.

Many thanks

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Just started getting into crypto.

new to crypto
new to crypto

I finally fell down the crypto rabbit hole, and I thought I would put my thoughts and perspectives as a complete newbie finding his feet.

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