ZIL's Yearly Yield % is going down fast! Atomic Is Not Being Truthful Right Now

Obiss1231 here.

        I just wanted to share with everyone that ZIL's yearly yield is going down very fast in Atomic Wallet. From the start of being able to stake ZIL on Atomic it was 29% only for 1 week or so. I don't think that was enough time at the % but dropping to 25% respectively. This only lasted 1 week or so and now we are here at 21%. My question is when will ZIL stop dropping their stake % My hope is that ZIL stays competitive with AWC at the 20% range. Summing this up if ZIL drops below AWC's 20% yearly yield then I'll take my ZIL out and stake AWC. On a side note Atomic has not updated their website and or just have misleading information as of my making this post. On https://atomicwallet.io/staking I can see ZILLIQA expected yearly roi ~24% I know is could go up or down, but they should at least change it to ~21% expected yearly roi. This could be lack of upkeep on the website but this misleading in my eye. Good luck to everyone out in the crypto space.

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new to the crypto world, currently staking in ATOM, MOTA, ZIL, CRO and AWC.

New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.
New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.

Obiss1231 here. Currently I'm building a staking portfolio, and know the minimum amount about most of the coins I'm holding to be transparent. I started my Investments into crypto about 2 weeks ago and I'm trying and build some passive income in the crypto space. My active stakes are as follows AWC @ 20%, ATOM @ 10%, ZIL @25% MOTA @ 5-10%(unsure of the %) and CRO 6%(unsure of the%). Note that the % listed here are yearly yields not the % of my portfolio.

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