Best Free Data Recovery Software In 2021 and Beyond 

Best Free Data Recovery Software In 2021 and Beyond 

By Marco Reviews | New Tech Reviews | 23 Feb 2021

The world has gone digital. Period. The analog way of storing, sending, and interacting with files is a thing of the past.

Like seriously? When’s the last time you opened a filing cabinet to retrieve some files?

Depending on how old you are, maybe it’s never. 

That’s because we all use digital technologies for consuming, managing, and interacting with all sorts of information (data). We do this in our personal lives with photos, movies, music, books, notes, passwords, documents, spreadsheets, etc. 

And we use data in our business/professional lives even more. Things like accounts payable, expense reporting, budgeting records, business plans, written policies, contact networks, the list goes on. 

All of it is stored as data, and it’s imperative that it’s stored properly.

Generally speaking, we store our most valuable data on our computer hard drives and sometimes on external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, or in the cloud. 

It’s so easy to store it, we often don’t even think about it. But at the same, it's just as easy to remove something by accident or damage a file. It happens all the time. It’s happened to me.

That’s when I discovered free data recovery software, EaseUS.

Meet EaseUS


EaseUS website homepage

EaseUS is a free data recovery software that has your back when in trouble. It works on Mac and Windows computers and it’s 100% free to use. 

EaseUS was founded in 2004 and has grown to become an international leading software company in data backup, data recovery, and disk management fields. It helps its users to recover data for 100+ real-life data loss scenarios like deletion, formatting, RAW, etc. for any type of data be it photos, videos, documents, and more.

Their free data recovery software is used by more than 530 million people across 160 countries to recover lost, deleted, or damaged files. With that, EaseUS is the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly data recovery software available.

How EaseUS Can Help You With Data Recovery

EaseUS can help you recover any and all types of data stored on your computer’s hard drive, USB drive, memory card, SD Card, HDD, SSD, external hard drive, and other storage devices. 

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally deleted files or a partition, lost data to malware, or if your data got corrupted or was accidentally re-formatted and deemed broken or inaccessible; EaseUS has an easy-to-use solution for every disaster data recovery situation.

Lost Data Recovery
The main culprit of data loss in daily life is from delete operations (ie. tapping "Delete," pressing "Shift+Delete," running disk clean-up software, and emptying the recycle bin). 

Luckily, EaseUS free data recovery software can be used to recover permanently deleted files from a laptop or PC with a few simple clicks. It can recover a lost Word document, Excel, photos, videos, audios, emails, and more than 1000 other file types.

Partition Recovery
Not only can EaseUS recover permanently deleted files, but it can also recover lost files from deleted partition, lost partition, and RAW partition. For the uninformed, a partition in regards to data is a division of a logical database or its constituent elements into distinct independent parts.

Partition recovery may be necessary for files that have been accidentally formatted, potentially lost or altered due to malware, deletion of an entire hard drive partition, or from data corruption brought about by unexpected crashes, severe boot failures, loss of power, or removing a device without first unmounting it.

By using EaseUS to recover a partition, you can repair corrupted photos, videos, Word, Excel, PPT, and other documents and data. 

How to use it?

Before you use it, you need to get it. Download the EaseUS data recovery software for FREE here.

The EaseUS free data recovery software is incredibly easy-to-use. The software utilizes a user-friendly EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard that enables you to recover lost data in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Select a Location to Start Finding Data
Launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select a location where you lost data from and start to scan. 

File locations may include: Desktop, Libraries, or Documents or you may select a Hard Drive, Partition, or External Storage Device to scan.


Step 2: Scan Your Computer or Device
Click the “Scan” button on the location you would like to search. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will then begin an initial scan and list all files in the selected location that were simply deleted or emptied from the Recycle Bin. This initial scan will be very quick.

After this initial ‘quick scan’ is complete, it will begin another, more in-depth scan automatically. This second scan will find many more lost files by thoroughly searching the entire data area of your storage device instead of just scanning the file directory. 

It will take a longer time to complete but can be sped-up by using the filter to narrow down which type of file to search.


Step3: Preview and Recover Lost Files
Once the scan is complete, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to preview all recoverable files and select the ones you want to recover. 

You can narrow down your file search by filtering by file type or by location. After file filtering, previewing, and selecting all of the important files that you wish to recover, press the ‘Recover’ button to immediately get your data back.

That’s it! It’s that easy.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is straightforward to use, taking you step-by-step through the data recovery process, so that you can recover your data quickly and safely.

Underlying Features

While EaseUS data recovery software is incredibly simple and easy-to-use, there’s a lot going on under the hood you should be aware of. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill data recovery software, there’s an array of advanced features you can take advantage of to utilize it more efficiently.

Let’s explore those here:

Export/Import Sessions
A device or hard drive with a large size might take a longer time for scanning. But what if you don’t have the time for it? Maybe you start a scan and realize you need to power things down and go before it’s done?

Not to worry.

EaseUS data recovery software has a feature that allows you to initiate, pause, or resume a data recovery scanning process at any time so you can customize your data recovery schedule.

Tags Accurately Locate Files
You can speed up data recovery scans by using a feature called “Tags,” which is a fast way to locate wanted files. It works by grouping related file types like photos, audios, and documents together for a smooth and quick data recovery experience.

Advanced Scan Algorithm
EaseUS data recovery software uses two scanning modes to optimize your data recovery experience. The “Quick Scan” takes a shorter time and will list all files that were simply deleted or emptied from the Recycle Bin. The “Deep Scan” needs more time to scour the drive inch by inch for deeply buried files.

Recovering While Scanning
You don’t need to wait for the whole scan to complete in order to recover lost data. The scan reveals lost or deleted data in real-time and if you happen to find the data you want to recover before the scan is complete, you can recover it right then and there. You don’t need to wait for the whole scan to complete, which saves your time significantly. 

Filter a Specific File Type
Another way to speed up your file recovery process is to use a “Filter” to not only scan by location but file type as well. EaseUS data recovery software features a basic “Filter” for file types and an “Advanced Filter” to narrow the search down and speed up the process even more.

Preview to Check the Integrity
Before you actually recover a lost or deleted file, you can preview files like images, videos, music, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text, to make sure that the data are intact and recoverable.

Repair Corrupted Image Files
EaseUS data recovery software can automatically detect lost JPEG/JPG pictures and restore them to a good condition. It's able to extract and repair thumbnails of the selected .jpeg/.jpg files, and you can preview the repaired photos before the final recovery.

Repair Damaged Camera Videos
EaseUS recovery software can also repair corrupt, damaged, and broken MP4 and MOV videos on the most widely used digital cameras like Canon, GoPro, and DJI cameras. Simply connect the camera directly to your computer or insert its SD card for a full video recovery and repair.

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