Did Ethereum Wrong Publishox?

"Am sorry! "

Ethereum tries to speak volumes in Publishox.  Mostly when I joined Publishox, most of the tipping was done with Ethereum. 

Ampleforth always came second.  Yet the tipping goes on. 


What Is Tipping

This is the reward pool in Publishox.  Often the tipping stake is provided by publishox.  Tipping often helps the tipper and the tipped. 

"Most people who read the articles on the site keep a portion of the tip for their time."

Says Publishox. 

So it is only in Publishox where you are paid to read articles.  Always do not leave a post before tipping. 

Over years Publishox has partnered with several cryptocurrency coins to give us a tipping option.  Some types of coins were there for tipping but the contract may have expired and they use them no longer. 

  • DAI : Publishox has once used DAI as a tipping coin.  The owners of the two companies may have come into agreement to work together and it was used as a tip.

Rank #18 Token On 148,423 watchlists Dai Price (DAI) $1.00 0.01% Low:$0.9986   High:$1.00 24h  

  • BATThis was once also used as tipping on Publishox.  The partnership may have expired too. 

Rank #91 Token On 316,945 watchlists Basic Attention Token Price (BAT) $0.3063 0.27% Low:$0.3038   High:$0.3126 24h  

  • FARM
    Another coin that was once used for tipping on publishox. 

Rank #536 Token On 27,582 watchlists Harvest Finance Price (FARM) $47.43 17.89% Low:$40.06   High:$55.12 24h


    IFARM is another coin that was used for tipping in Publishox.

Price USD|WETH0.04803 $81.8948.65%







    HYDRO was also a tipping coin. 

Rank #1881 Token On 9,415 watchlists Hydro Price (HYDRO) $0.002462 0.40% Low:$0.00237   High:$0.002567 24h  

  • BNTY
    This was once a tipping coin in publishox. 

Rank #2030 Token On 1,592 watchlists Bounty0x Price (BNTY) $0.0006489 0.45% Low:$0.0006396   High:$0.0006594 24h  

  • LRC
    Another one here. 

Rank #79 Token On 247,626 watchlists Loopring Price (LRC) $0.4347 4.31%

  • Low:$0.4322   High:$0.4559 24h  
  • STA

    Rank #3087 Token On 654 watchlists STA Price (STA) $1.95 0.42% Low:$1.94   High:$1.98 24h  

    AMPL,  ETH and SPOT are being used today.  Ethereum has been used twice.  So it's cry is useless.  We still use it. 









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