Always Think of Tomorrow, The Next Day and The Next! Don't Waste Your Energy Thinking About the Past!

By LillyLane | New Normal | 19 Jan 2021

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!   THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE AND LIVE IT!!  Maybe because I am a Libra or just constantly kept thinking of stupid little stuff I did in the past, 2 weeks ago, even 20 years ago or in High School.  I'm sure I can't be the only one who tends to get on that path of constantly thinking of the past, the woudla, coulda, shoulda's.  When I find myself thinking about the past, I say "NO"! "THINK TOMORROW" I try to not spend time thinking of the past, because the past is just that, the past.  You need to know what you will do, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. 


Especially in these times when people might be more isolated, away from friends, job loss, etc.  Instead of wasting your time wallowing in your misery about the past, use that time for your future.  It takes time to train your brain into doing that.  It's nature to think of something stupid you did a decade ago or even more.  Once you start thinking about the past, tell yourself "NO!!" ask yourself "What will I do tomorrow, the next day and the day after."  Some people might think I sound crazy and some people understand completely. 


This might not be about bitcoin, but one thing we all have in common is The Future and where will we be next month, a year from now, in a decade.  How much is this 1,000,000th new Alt Coin that seems to have no purpose be worth in about a year from now. How many freaking ALT coins are there?  Why not just create my Own ALT Coin and pump it up myself, I mean that's where we are starting to go when it comes to all these ALT coins.  Sometimes I will pick a random ALT coin and try to understand what does this ALT- Coin actually SOLVE?  Just like a salesman, or selling online, starting a company.


Before you invest, you need to ask yourself "What will this solve".  That's where you max out your profits no matter what markets you might be in, what type of store you are thinking of creating.  Does it have a purpose and does it solve a problem, 1 question I think people might overlook when it comes to some of these ridiculous ALT coins that describe themselves as something completely not making sense and for a purpose, probably a good idea not to invest in it.  "Sounds kind of smart, that's fancy Tech words I never heard of, maybe that's the future of this certain ALT Coin".  Just because it makes no sense at all, doesn't make it a real Crypto that is worth a damn.  Just like stocks, Invest in what you know.  For me, that's tech stocks, bio stocks (due to the pandemic)  I know technology and invest mainly in technology and think of the future.  I try to do the same with Crypto!   How much will 1 stock of Tesla be worth a decade from now, is it overbought, way to pumped up that Tesla alone kills all the major car companies rolled up in 1 when considering the Market cap and how many cars have actually been sold?.


Thanks for reading, I just went from writing a small paragraph and it turned into more than I thought, at the same time I figure If I think of these things, ask these type of things.  There must be other's out there that have an idea what I talk about or can use the Method of forget the Past and focus on the NOW, Tomorrow, and the next day.  If you made it this far, thank you.  I hope you found this amusing, entertaining, or educating in some weird, "NEW NORMAL" way.


Thanks for reading,


As always


Love, xox

Lilly V.

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Hi my Name is Lilly! I am just another casualty of the Pandemic, job loss, sadness, desperation, scared of not knowing what to do in this uncertain world. How will I pay the bills, put food on the table. Like so many others, I turned to the Internet.

New Normal
New Normal

What is the "NEW NORMAL"? I have been in search of the NEW NORMAL! Down the Rabbit holes of the NET. My name is Lilly, yes I am a girl who got hooked on crypto. Not sure why that surprises people? I am new at blogging, writing so bare with me please. Sometimes a girl just needs to share her thoughts, ideas, the future! I'm always looking ahead of what can we do to help create Wealth & be ready for THE NEW NORMAL! Thank you in advance for reading my posts. PLEASE bare w/ me THANK YOU!

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