A mysterious website that you can earn btc by watching ads on.

Earn LTC, BCH, ETH, or BTC By Watching Videos

Hey guys! Today, I'll be showing you how you can let videos run in the background to earn cryptocurrencies. 

First of all, the website you'll be wanting to 'watch' videos on is hideout.tv. Hideout.tv is a website similar to YouTube in the video aspect, but it also gives you a share of the revenue generated via its ads. For every three ads, you get a certain amount of points which can be redeemed on third party websites. This is the link:

Just leave a window open with the videos running (don't minimize the browser, it'll stop the video) and watch your points go up!

Next, I'll be sharing several websites which you can connect to hideout.tv to redeem your points. 

In terms of pay rate, RewardXP is the best. For every 1 point you redeem to rewardxp, you get 10 XP, which is their form of credits. You can redeem your XP for PayPal, Bitcoin, and several gift cards. This is the link:

RewardXP also allows you to earn via surveys and offerwall tasks, but we want to be making money passively here. Surveys/tasks are completely optional.

In terms of variety of cryptocurrency withdrawal methods, gain.gg is the best. The minimum withdrawal is only 25 cents, or 250 coins. You can withdraw via gift cards or cryptocurrencies (LTC, BCH, ETH, or BTC). Gain.gg also has offerwalls, but again, we prefer passive income here. In relations to hideout.tv however, 1 point is around 0.75 coins on gain.gg, meaning that it doesn't exactly have a good conversion rate. However, I prefer it because withdrawals are relatively fast and also offers more options to withdraw in. This is the link:


There are other websites out there that you can use to convert your hideout.tv points to crypto, but RewardXP and Gain.GG are the main websites I use because of their simplicity, withdrawal options, and rate of conversions. Have any more good websites? Let me know in the comments section!

Peace out. 


PS: Interested in my thumbnail? It's a website called adbtc. You earn satoshi from watching advertisements. Interested? Check it out here.

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New Crypto Earning Opportunities
New Crypto Earning Opportunities

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