So im sure not the only person following a few different Crypto YOU TUBERS. You have to take as a grain of salt as often there is shilling and some affiliate stuff going on and certain things get revealed a month or 3 late as they had to show some results and of course, had i donated on Patrion i would have had the inside info to have gotten in early. Depends on the guy. So when Shib starts to take off like it did in October or yesterday afternoon, i go to this guy, Joshs's Finance and he puts up his trading screen 24/7 and goes over the analytics with myself and sometimes 1500-2500 at one point listen in and watch our own trades along with the play by play. Its pretty exciting in the live chat with that many people all with the same open position, cheering on while the numbers quickly multiply. Anyway, its very much worth my time but this is not about that dude specifically, just wanted to lay out the scene a bit. So i have another guy, actually a couple for mining but one in particular as far as hardware and strategy, i like this guy, VOSK. hes been mining forever and on every sort of machine you can imagine and gives out alot of pros and cons, things i would have considered before making a move, had i known and he never says, like, subscribe or donate. Again, grain of salt as nobody knows everything but this guy VOSK is pretty well vetted as a guy you want to at least hear out. Hes building this 100 acre " i believe its 100" solar mining farm. So thats pretty cool but i dont see that helping me any. I use DUCK DUCK GO for searches so i haven't noticed any signs of being tracked. I search Cloud Mining and there are instantly several mining farm links right away that i recognize and instantly trust and am put at ease. With all the scamming, if i feel secure and stop watching for the hook, im dead in the water but i see a name i trust, VOSK COIN.CO and a couple with different addresses but that name is there. So i pick one and theres my guy! videos where he shows some of his gear and farm progress, which they just took off of screw tube. Anyway, i create an account, log in and get assigned an attractive woman with a pic to be my personal agent and i hit the LETS CHAT box and commence to grill her. I just happen to notice an odd mis spelling here and there and a couple strange bad grammar things but very small and i even pointed it out and she apologized but answered all of the questions i have written down. I start to set up a position and you have to pick some drop downs for how much, min 50 and how long you want to be in for and then the box calculates profit. 50 minimum is a little low sounding but it suddenly hit me that if i give these guys a thousand for a week, i get back 1250.00 and by the Grace of the Lord, i snap out of Lizard brain and a voice in my head says, "too good to be true always equals SCAM or at least a stop sign to do more research. After every video this VOSK guy, who is a very legit pillar of the community, he makes this big statement about scammers using his name in every possible way and if its too good to be true, its almost always a scam. So i go to his latest video posted that day, figuring hes busy but probably at least has someone watching comments for questions. I posted mine with the link and it was instantly deleted. It occurred to me they were just policing for scammers and thought i was one for posting a link and then i do another without the link and just this story and got an instant response, "THATS A SCAM!!" So i go back and start scouring the page for something wrong. Reading the about us looked legit and then i went to the one place that i almost never look at, the Legal tab. It starts out sounding pretty good and sure as shit i see an entire sentence in the middle of the thing thats mis spelled and not structured in a normal way. You could tell it was a non english speaker who did there best but just didnt have it down cold enough. This was a couple of days ago as i needed to decompress after almost losing pretty big. I just searched it again and the scam sites are the first 10-11 things that come up. There should be an easy way to report stuff like this and get them shut down but there doesnt seem to be. Both of these 2 of my fav utube guys always stress that people are impersonating them and you must always "DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH"  You can never let your guard down and once in a while im going to make a mistake but huge returns that make all other investments look stupid is a red flag that my ego has a hard time seeing, esp if everything else lines up. Looking at them again, i see they even have a couple deep fake videos and pics that were swiped from legit sources. My new motto is "ALWAYS BE DOING YOUR OWN RESEARCH" It has to be a constant as i travel through the Crypto swamp of inequities.



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I had been in a dark cave for about 10 years after a nervous breakdown and barely under control bipolar so Crypto is the natural move. Not entirely joking. Been waking up at 3:00-3:45 every night for as long as i can remember but i never recalled the old wives and Gurus saying it meant something important. Living close to the poverty line is not always a day at the thrill park but one 3am in early October, I opened a coin base account. Found a chat with Crypto people and have had my foot on the gas since.

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