#JETNFT  Firstly, and its equally important to see the value in is the COIN "JET", Its hovering steadily around 4, 4.5 cents. I really dont want to attempt the tokenomics. Its cheap enough for a commoner to hold a bunch and that is what our Spirit is truly about. These guys are sponsoring Football Teams. One JETCOIN patch on the sleeve of every player!! so i should buy and hodle a good sized but affordable amount. So The Jetcoin Team were smart enough to put this together for the most loyal fan base in human history, "Football Fans!!" and now that i have done some research on the world of NFT'S, i have to get one of these at least and specifically. For mostly "normie" non Crypto folk, reasons, i had a very hard time wrapping around the value. The Sports aspect, especially the most popular game in the world, with over 4 BILLION Fans, According to World Atlas, "Football" makes it all crystal clear. Growing up in America would make it harder to dig the Football thing but my Father was from Ireland so thats the only game that was played at our house. Football fans are fiercely loyal beyond any other sport i have come across. There are some players that are so good, you would absolutely want to own a digital card of the guy. Football fans talk about players who have passed on years ago as if they scored a goal yesterday! Everybody wants to get in on the Metaverse and this is a great entry point. Football and the millions of fanatical fans arent going anywhere and more keep coming. When it comes to there favorite players, loyalty is an understatement. These guys are National Heroes. Anyway, they have this card viewer, JET does and its not just a pic that you can see from different angles. The example card they use is a McLaren super car and there are some really nice pics, videos and stats. Thats more like it as far as im concerned. they have a coin as well thats cheap enough to hodl and give them to your deserving or possibly non deserving grand kids down the road, if you haven't already spent it all on a fleet of Lambos...!!! They are sort of an investment/ family heirloom, something you would want to hang on to. Or you can hoard them like a fiend and i have a feeling certain people will try there very best to do so, which can be beneficial in the long term. An amazingly cool collection of cool stuff that you can use to decorate the walls of your metaverse house or club, etc.... while this is all going on, behind the scenes there are untold people across the globe who will pay me a profit and possibly a huge one, to get ahold of the ones i have, or maybe i can charge rent and let people use them at parties, club events etc... It would be amazing to have some, #JETNFT. I played in Catholic league when i was much younger and a lot of the kids fathers were immigrants like mine so, We  understood how very much of a  big a deal it all was. Its a very fast field game and these guys do amazing things at every match. Anyway Sports in general is already huge in this part of the Crypto world and while its still relatively affordable, i want in. Planning a decent but not crazy "maybe a teeny bit close to crazy" position to hodl for eternity on JET COIN and "ONE TO GET THE BALL ROLLING", start buying these particular NFT'S for all the reasons stated plus i forgot, besides all the pics videos stats, etc... These NFT'S have bonuses, air drops and an endless sea of things you can do with them besides have a look. If all NFT'S were like this, i would already have some.  I have been beating myself up for not taking a good look and study of the NFT, ins and outs and this forced me to take a hard look and learn a few new things. So, I am very happy to have had the opportunity. Anyone wanting to have an NFT or 2 in there Wallet will benefit, BIG TIME from this. Its one thing to figure out how to safely buy an NFT but then, how do you pic a good one? With over 4 BILLION fans and growing, JET may be on to something..  Im honestly just thrilled to have gone through the info. It took about an hour with a couple interruptions, plus i believe i took the time to stare out the window a bit to reflect on the year just past. Im very sure there is more to know, but i get it now and especially with football/Soccer in the States as part of the NFT movement. Its going to be a real good year!!! Crypto in general is going to get crazy. I need to always be ready to execute or miss out. My motto is if i cant get in when i wanted to then so be it. Never chase a position, if i do happen to eventually meet up, it will be a very unhealthy relationship. Be Happy and Bullish!! They have other NFT'S as well besides football. I just think they are great!!





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I had been in a dark cave for about 10 years after a nervous breakdown and barely under control bipolar so Crypto is the natural move. Not entirely joking. Been waking up at 3:00-3:45 every night for as long as i can remember but i never recalled the old wives and Gurus saying it meant something important. Living close to the poverty line is not always a day at the thrill park but one 3am in early October, I opened a coin base account. Found a chat with Crypto people and have had my foot on the gas since.

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