Corporate Treasuries buying Bitcoin

By NewAgeInvestor | New Age Investor | 28 Mar 2021

While many consider that this moment have already happened, the news of Tesla buying bitcoin to hold on its Balance Sheet is a pivotal moment in Corporate Finance.  Tesla is a S&P 500 company with a commanding Market Capitalization which at one point reached $850 billion.  While Elon Mush is not the typically CEO, it has made Corporate Treasury departments across the public markets to at least field questions from analysts and investors of this becoming more widespread.  Whether others may follow, it probably still a question but the fact that it is occurring, is a validation of bitcoin as an asset at the least.  

One of the questions will be become what the purpose of these purchases will be.  Whether it be as a  payment processing capability or a store of asset will likely be a conflicted question over time.  Microstrategy is another public company that has been aggressively buying bitcoin.  They have taken it a step further as they have basically open-sourced their research to share across the Corporate landscape to help others do the same.   Despite the uncertainty of further regulation, bitcoin as an asset being adopted by the companies will likely lead to more attention to many outstanding questions in the future. 

How will regulators like the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and others view the asset and its use?  These are no longer questions that are not important given the market capitalization of not only bitcoin but the Cryptocurrency market.  In the end, this adoption will continue to lead to development and value creation so we may still be in the early part of a growing economy!  

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