Lie to Fly

By NeverEnds | Never Ends Diffusion | 21 Apr 2022

Dont be nothing, that make their good

Dont be what ? Dont you like it ?

Did you see! What a sea !

Did you hear! Why it's rude here?

Did you feel! What wrong with you angry Bird's!

Shame achievement! Are you accept?

Fight for what? For Glory or by misogyny?

Are you genius or provider of liquidation?

Wrong move make a lot of deception, look behind before take a decision.

Always the same!!! 

Looking for collecting rain and asking for building after destroying.

Calling for acting after ending script wrigtten, i'm nervous I'm zen, dont ask for answer, we are the problem and they have a solution.

We are the problem and can make a hole in their perfect illusion.

Dream can be truth, so the thruth can't make us happy, that's why we all, at all time lie.

It's a true lie, it's too late for Hope, stop wasting time it's precious, stop let me think what i Can Do for the other by myself.

We are all each other concerned, vision calling action, maybe After some reflexion, world's will pray for our civilisation, Kiss Island, Long, Large Eastate Retribut, i'm asking for God protection. 

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Deep Dream burn the Glock reality. Stay or Fly , less than less we miss the Time.

Never Ends Diffusion
Never Ends Diffusion

"le monde est bas avec des mots puissants" world's low with power words. J'écris des brèves quotidienne sur des sujets divers, sentiments, ressenties, je ne laisserais rien au fond de mon cœur. Partager ces émotions et véhiculé des vibrations, tel est mon souhait. Peace

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