Time for reflection #2

By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 24 May 2021

I would like to comment on something that I thought about a lot.

Many times we try to leave our happiness in the hands of other people (then you ask me: what do you mean?), Calmly I will explain.

It seems that the human being often feels a need to have a person or group of people who make him happy and with that he puts his happiness "in the hands" of that other someone. This is not wrong and I believe that it is always good to have someone to count on and share our joys and sorrows with, but sometimes it is a complicated question, because that other person may not be on the same level of concern, love or empathy with ourselves and therein lies the imminent danger of disappointment.

I still do it sometimes and to my head, in my deepest thoughts, I already consider this as a mistake, leaving my happiness in someone else's responsibility is something a little dangerous, because then, my mood or how my day will be or my life summary (my life is good or bad) is going to be linked directly to that person. Many couples who aim to live side by side (the man cannot always be ahead and not even the woman, my opinion) sometimes break up or are disappointed because one of them left their happiness in the other's hand, and as said, sometimes they are not at the same level and / or synchrony.

It is not wrong to say "I love you" or "you are my happiness", the point here is that we must be careful, when depositing various feelings in a mind that is not ours. So, you will be directly tied to that other mind and even if everything is working out for you (a smooth day at work, your football team won, you fulfilled a dream, etc.), you will still think everything is bad , why the other person does not share the same feeling.

Finally, the thought that I try to have every day is that we should love people, find someone special and go hand-in-hand with your partner on this journey called life. But, I always try to make my own happiness, to think that I should be okay with myself first and then share my feelings. I make my happiness my way, trying not to deposit all feelings in such an open way, as this creates expectations that may not be met. So, I believe that we must mount in our mind, a way that, alone or not, we are happy, because we have a life, we are alive and breathing and with that, we can chase our dreams and goals.

And to you? What is your opinion or reflection on this?

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