By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 26 Jun 2021

The freedom you have to make mistakes is constant.

Who has never been wrong? Who has never made a mistake in their life? Many, they say, or want to be the true owners of reason.

The mistake, however small it may be, is a mistake, and when it is committed unintentionally, it is passive of apology, forgiveness, because GOD Himself taught that we must forgive seventy times seven.

Isn't that the teaching? Because there are some, who say they never made a mistake and still want to give a moral lesson, forgetting that the mistake is too. Stop, meditate, and see how many mistakes you've made in this life. It is the moral, which he has, or the intransigence that he wants to be the best, in front of people, friends, that he lives in his daily life.

It is a fait accompli, that if you make a mistake, and recognize your mistake, why the moral lesson? Furthermore, it strikes the inside, and brings you embarrassment, for a small thing, without moral value.

It is a small human weakness, and the lack of sportsmanship, or who knows, the lack of solidarity, fraternity, and if you say Christian, because the moral lesson? Interesting, that we must learn to live with a certain situation, in which the mistake is common, and so easy, to overcome.

Making mistakes is part of humanity, there is even a saying that when you stop making mistakes you stop learning. Acknowledging what you've done wrong is to make your spirit happy.

It's enough for you to see, that not only others make mistakes, but that your mistake is eminent within yourself.

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