Living with ADHD: struggles with time management and executive functioning

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 13 Jul 2022


Time management is a real struggle. Many neurotypical individuals have issues with it, but in neurodivergent people, it is particularly impaired. (Photo: Pixabay)

People with ADHD often struggle with time management and executive functioning. This can impact many areas of life, including academics, work, and personal relationships. Some common challenges include

  • Difficulty completing tasks in a timely manner

  • Trouble organizing belongings or keeping track of important dates/information

  • Impulsive behaviour that leads to poor decision making or taking on too many things at once

  • Inability to focus or concentrate for long periods of time

  • Procrastination, or putting off tasks until the last minute

I am guilty of all of the above. Keeping a timetable is hard. Organising tasks by priority is really difficult unless I put them down on paper and start highlighting them… This can be done a few times but I would not do it daily, or I will run out of time to actually get my duties done. I am unable to estimate how long tasks take. It is simply impossible. I truly wish I knew how others manage. As a consequence, I also take much more than I can finish in a day. My to-do list gets overwhelmingly long. The level of nervousness starts rising. People start asking when I will deliver what I have promised. I still have no idea and give some kind of answer, typically underestimating how much time I need. Being constantly late means that others get upset, and some assume that it is just a matter of pure laziness. These opinions start corroding self-esteem. How can I be that inefficient? I am betraying everybody.


Efficiency and desire to do well do not always match. (Photo: Pexels)

Some tasks are more interesting than others. I should start with something pleasant, then switch to the really critical ones. Oops… I got carried away. There is no time to deal with the important ones. Adrenaline runs high. Maybe I can deal with some of the overdue tasks a bit later. Maybe I will get away with it. Heart rate rising further. Okay, now I will go and take care of this thing that I have been putting off forever… Where was that email… Oh, wait, somebody just asked for help. I will quickly reply, then go back to my main task. Oops… half of the day is gone, yet barely any entries in the to-do list have been crossed out. Ugh, it is impossibly boring and my brain is so strained with all this stress. It just refuses to focus. I will try and push myself anyway. Maybe just a little more effort and it will be done.


Working in evening is not much of a big deal, after all. (Photo: Pixabay)

The evening has come, yet the tasks are only partially done; some are not even started. I really need to get that done, or I will suffer consequences. I open my email again and… oh, no, there comes the grumpy email. I close my eyes and feel like banging my head against the desk. I messed up again. I get a bit more done with half-closed eyes. Tiny progress is better than no progress. It is well after midnight. The others have gone to bed. I guess I should turn off the computer and head towards the bedroom, too. Time to get some sleep and relax. Now.

Ugh, I should have finished one more task. Oh, no! I completely forgot one more task! I should start with it first thing in the morning. The one from today is important, too, but at least something has been done about it already. Half an hour has passed and my mind is still busy with thoughts. Eventually, sleep takes over. Or maybe exhaustion.


A new day means fresh new energy. Right? (Photo: Pixabay)

A new day is starting.

The same pattern repeats.

And, at 2 am, I am finalising today’s article. Technically, yesterday’s article, but since I have not been to bed yet, it still kind of counts as the same day.

Good, now just a couple of pictures: some will be stock photos, but I really want an artwork, too. I will generate one. Well, 10, since I want to test all the methods available in the AI app.

2.15. I am ready to press the publish button.

If only I had the time to go check out my other platforms, too. Well, tomorrow.


“Time management” — an abstract digital artwork that I generated using the AI in the Wombo Dream app.



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