Feeling empty and blocked

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 29 Sep 2022

Do you know the feeling of trying to do something that you’re interested in, you gather your energy and dedicate some time to it, and… when you are about to start it, it is like hitting an invisible wall, like you no longer know how to do it?

Well, this is how writing has been for me for a while. I have plenty of ideas and words in my brain. I open a text processor and… I no longer can manage to do it. It feels like an insurmountable effort to put down a single word. The thought of doing it is tiring. Why? Is this writer’s block?

I always thought that writer’s block is a state when you have nothing to say or add.

I am totally at a loss. Am I simply not meant to be a writer?

Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

Below is one of my most recent AI artworks. I asked for a foggy night with streetlights. I like how some are lit but others have run out of strength.




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