A Letter to the NULS Community From Nerve

By NULS | Nerve | 22 Apr 2020

Dear NULS community,

I am Nerve, a decentralized digital asset service network. I am about to become the most important member of the NULS ecosystem.

NULS is one of the best underlying technologies in the global blockchain landscape. NULS has achieved cross-chain operations on homogeneous blockchains, a very important step in the cross-chain field, which has helped to enhance the ecological development of NULS. Based on this work, we will achieve cross-chain support for all projects in the top 10 global market capitalization, and continue to expand the cross-chain of the NULS ecosystem, which is a phased goal after my birth.

NULS uses microservices architecture and has rich underlying modules, which makes my birth a lot easier. Cross-chaining of heterogeneous blockchains is still a difficult problem in the industry, but I found the answer on NULS. My basic modules will all be based on NULS, and I will become a homogeneous para-chain in the NULS network.

I came here with the goal of docking more mainstream assets for the NULS ecosystem and accelerating the interconnection of ecological assets and external assets in NULS, which will greatly promote the NULS ecosystem.

I believe that near future you can see that millions of BTC and ETH holders will simply and quickly transfer their on-chain assets into the NULS ecosystem, and participate in the construction of various applications. They can complete exchanging between various assets freely.

Therefore, my arrival will definitely push the NULS ecosystem into a new stage of development and will let the entire blockchain industry focus on the excellent underlying technology of NULS.

What I will bring to the NULS community

All NULS holders will receive some airdrops of the Nerve main net token NVT that I prepared, which will be a gift I give in return to the NULS community since I used the basic modules built by the NULS community and got the wisdom from it.

Besides, I support NULS to participate in cross-chain consensus on my network. So you can pledge enough NULS to run for and create nodes in the Nerve network, and you can stake NULS to earn rewards. Moreover, the rewards that NULS participate in consensus in the Nerve network will be twice as much as other assets. This is another gift I prepared for the NULS community. I believe that my creation can bring huge value growth to NULS holders, I hope everyone will wait and see.

First of all, thanks to the NULS technology community for their help and support, I hope that the developers of the NULS technology community can support my development as they have always supported NULS.

I believe that as a developer of the NULS community, you must be very familiar with the technical system of NULS. You can use it to participate in the development of some Nerve network components. We will also launch some tasks with rewards for developers.

My underlying built-in a decentralized exchange — NDEX, can also help everyone realize asset transactions safely and rapidly, which can safely and conveniently implement free transactions on NDEX between various assets issued on the NULS chain and mainstream digital assets, more importantly, your private keys and assets are in your own control.

If you have the ability to operate an exchange and want to run a DEX independently, you don’t need to care about the accounting system, asset security, and trading liquidity, you only need to set up your own trading page and fees, and then you can open your own DEX platform and earn users’ fees.

What help do I need?

Development support: I was just born and still very weak. there will be many difficulties in the process of achieving heterogeneous cross-chain, and there are a lot of development tasks in the early stage, so I hope that developers can participate in my development. I believe that in this process, besides getting good rewards, you can also get many other gains that you can’t imagine.

If you are not a developer, but just an ordinary community member, you can also help me to invite outstanding developers around you, let them join the NULS technology community, and participate in my development.

Ecological support: It is so shortly after my birth that there are not many people that know me. In order to get more support, I need more people involved in my promotion. You can participate in my promotion, let more people understand my value, and even help me introduce more partners.

I believe with your support, I will definitely get faster development.

Final words

In the future, I will develop a set of universal heterogeneous blockchain cross-chain interaction protocols, which will be able to build a smart cross-chain lightning network for mainstream assets such as BTC and ETH, accordingly, I will achieve asset cross-chain efficiently and rapidly.

By then, I will become the asset circulation bridge of the blockchain world, which completely eliminates islands of value, becoming an underlying asset service network that can support a variety of Defi applications. Simultaneously, let everyone enjoy the freedom and transparency brought by the Defi application.

As a member of the NULS ecosystem, you can be with me to witness the vigorous development of the NULS ecosystem and enjoy the value brought by the development of the NULS ecosystem.

I am Nerve, a decentralized digital asset service network. and I am looking forward to working with you to build a multi-chain parallel, interoperable blockchain network.


We plan to take a snapshot of NULS holders for NVT airdrop at height 2620000 of the NULS Blockchain (about July 12, 2020), We are not sure if exchanges will support the airdrop, therefore we suggest to withdraw your NULS to your own local wallet in advance.

I’m Nerve, I am coming. I am looking forward to bringing something different for the world!

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