A Letter to the Ethereum Community From Nerve

By NULS | Nerve | 17 Apr 2020

Dear Ethereum community,

How are you! My name is Nerve, a decentralized digital asset service network.

Ethereum is the world’s largest decentralized financial infrastructure. My goal in this world is to further broaden this path based on Ethereum. Through me, I will be able to realize the decentralized transaction between the Bitcoin asset with the largest market value and all assets on Ethereum, and more mainstream blockchain assets will be accessed in the future.

What will I bring to the Ethereum community?

If you are the holder of ETH and other ecological assets, you can realize the cross-chain of assets through me and carry out circulation and trading in my ecological network. A decentralized exchange is embedded in my bottom layer. After the assets are cross-chained into my network, asset transactions can be easily implemented.

In addition, I use a consensus mechanism with both POS and DPOS characteristics. I will also support the proxy mining of ETH. As long as you cross-chain ETH to my main net and pledge to my main net node, you can get my main net token NVT.

If you are an Ethereum miner or a mining pool and want to earn more, then you can use the assets produced by mining to participate in my main net node election. After becoming my main net node, you can get more generous consensus benefit than pure pledge mining.

If you are a developer in the Ethereum community, you can give us some suggestions to promote the development of Ethereum, and you can also participate in developing. Developers in our community will be respected by everyone, as long as they participate in developing or testing, they can also get very good rewards.

What kind of support do I need?

Development support: I was just born and very young. In the process of trying to achieve the cross-chain of Ethereum assets, I will encounter many difficulties, and there will be a lot of development tasks to be completed in the early stage. Therefore, I hope that Ethereum developers are willing to provide me with some development and testing support.

In the subsequent development process, we will post some development tasks and invite everyone to participate in developing or testing. It is hoped that everyone can support me a lot at that time.

Ecological support: as the world’s largest smart contract platform, the Ethereum community has many excellent projects in the ecosystem. I am willing to participate in the construction of the Ethereum ecosystem with these excellent project teams. At the same time, in the process, I hope that everyone can also give me some opportunities to promote and show myself so that more people can know me.

Final words

Ethereum is currently the largest smart contract platform in the community and ecology. There are excellent decentralized applications such as DAI, Augur, Bancor in the ecology. My joining can make these applications have more application scenarios. For example, in the future, I will dock Ethereum and all ERC20 assets to trade on NDEX. These assets can be flash traded through me and can be confirmed in two or three seconds.

Of course, the developers of the Ethereum community can also use me to develop some decentralized applications, because, through my cross-chain protocol, it only needed a small amount of development based on the standard interface which can be used to achieve cross-chain between assets. I hope my arrival can create more excellent decentralized applications for the Ethereum ecosystem.

I am Nerve, a decentralized digital asset service network. It is my honor to be part of the Ethereum ecosystem. I look forward to working with all of you to make the Ethereum ecosystem better and better.

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