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By nerdtopiade | Nerdtopiade | 7 Jan 2020

Hello my dear with writers here on Publish0x.

This is my frist Post here on Publish0x ,so it might not be so good looking as my Posts on Steemit . With Time it will get better i Promise .

Today i want to write about a RPG Style Browsergame on the Steem Blockchain ,as you can imagine, I mean Holybread.
Holybread is still in early development and will open the Beta for all at 27th of January .

After you have successfully logged in, you may create your first Charackter. You have the choice between warrior, mage and archer.



Each Hero gives you a Special Ability from the Start ,the warrior for Example let you beginn with 5% more Life . A Mage will do 5% more Damage and a Archer sorry i dont remember what the starting ability of an Archer is :)

Allright you made your first Char and now you want to get into the Action .


Here you can see what Options you have and i will try to Explain every Option . First of all you can Take your Hero and you can go on a Quest .


Their are 3 Tiers of Quests you can choose from when you go onto a Quest. Each of them Cost you some Energy .

Their are Quest that Cost 5, 10 or 15 Energy and each of them takes time to complete equal to their Energy Cost . The Quests that cost more bring usaly more Rewards .


As you can see this Quest will give us 238 Gold and 143 EXP Points . Gold you need for Buying Items and raise your Stats and Exp you need for Lvl Up .  As you Advance more and more in Lvl you will get more Gold for Quests .  


You can see also a Skip Button . You can Skip the time you wait with Bread ,but i will Explain Bread the Premium Currency later .



Here you can see the Heroe Tab where you can Equip the Items you bought or found on a Quest . At the Moment their are only 2 Ways to raise your Attributes . Spending Money and through bonus stats that you can find on items.


 A very lucky Quest Drop ,this is a legendary item and gives incredible 30 bonus points on each attribute :) 




If you get bored of questing or run out of energy, you can compete with other players in the arena. In addition to gold, you can also earn a passive income from bread crumbs in the arena.

Breadcrumbs can be sold on Steem-engine for steem and should be an incentive for players to play Holybread. Breadcrumbs are not only earned through the arena but also through quests.

Item Store


If you collected Enough Money you can go on a shopping Tour in the Item Store and maybee you find a legendary Item. In the Closed Beta i was able to Buy 2 Legendary Items from the Store . Items with the right Stats are very important more important then lvl . I was able to reach at the End of Close Beta the 9th rank in the Arena and my lvl was 8 to 10 lvl below the other players on my rank :)



The bakery is the place where hungry adventurers can buy more or new bread. To own bread brings some small advantages which I would like to list briefly.

  • You can skip the Time you need to complete a Quest
  • You can skip the Time you have to wait until you can fight again in the Arena .
  • And you can reroll The Offer in the Item Store.

You don't need to be afraid even as an f2p player you get a few breads every day, for daily tasks.


Thinks you can not do with Bread:

  • Refil your Energy to do more Quests
  • Raise your chance for better Loot 

It is also planned that it will be more expensive to skip the waiting time on the higher arena places.

The Market



If you find a very Good Item or a very rare Hero you can also try to sell them to other players for Steem. Holybread takes a fee of 10% of every Item that was sold on the Market ,but i think this is very fair .


If I managed it that you are now curious about the game, grab a Steem Account and the browser extension Steem-Keychain and register at Holybread.

I would be very happy if you would use my Reflink for registration at Holybread. From every bread you buy later I will get 5% credited as bread


PS: Those who register before 27.01 will receive 20 loaves of bread as a gift.


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