Swap Space saved my day
Swap Space explained

Swap Space saved my day

By NeoTokyoUnicorn | Neo Tokyo Unicorn | 20 Jul 2021

Being the cryptocurrencies' market in a bear trend, I decided to take profit from some coins I had bought a lot of time ago, when I didn't know much about the technicals of the crypto world.

One of these coins, in fact, was NEO: when I tried to sell it, I discovered that I needed to have some NEO GAS to do the transaction. In the rush of the panic sell, I bought NEO GAS from an Exhcange and then I used some of it to fuel the NEO's transaction.

Then I realized that I was left with an annoying amount of NEO GAS, which had no purpose for me. But when I tried to sell them, I discovered that I couldn't because I hadn't enough NEO GAS to meet the minimum fee required by my exchange. I was stuck in a very frustrating crypto bullshit loop.

Making some researches on Google, I discovered that there was a system which allowed me to sell the NEO GAS even in such a small quantity: swaps.

Swap is a system that allows you to send some coins from your wallet, converting them in another crypto, and receiving this currency in your wallet.

But using Swap can be someway confusing: there exists many websites offering swap services, with different fees. You may spend much time in evaluating them, and also risk to pick a wrong rate, which can result in a loss for you.

Luckily, there is Swap Space. Swap Space allowed me to see at a glance all the offerings available for my NEO GAS, collecting them from various swap services, and allowed me to choice the best exchange rate.

In my case I had decided to exchange NEO GAS in ETH. Let's see how the whole process went. It was indeed very easy.

To create the swap, I surfed to Swapspace website and selected the cross of interest. In my case: NEO GAS / ETH. Swap Space showed a very intuitive interface with a list of the best exchanges available for that cross.


Then, I digited the desired quantity and clicked on the EXCHANGE button near the exchange with the better rate and a minimum quantity in the range of my availability.

swap space

Swap Space took me on a new page, on which I pasted the address of the destination coin.

swap space

In my case I copied it from my Exodus wallet. On this page you can also paste an address for the source coin, to which the transaction will be refunded in case of problems.

Clicking on the NEXT button will take you on another page, with the address to which you can send the source coin.

swap space

You can also press on the QR Code option and scan it from your wallet, to speed up the process. In my case, I took a picture from my Exodus wallet and sent the coins in seconds.


After some seconds, Swap Space gave me confirmation of having received the coins.

swap space

After a couple of minutes, the page was updated with the payment from the exchange.

swap space

Then my smartphone showed the notification that the Ethereum had been accredited to my wallet.


It was a very easy process. It allowed me to sell those NEO GAS that had become useless in my trading strategy. I could also achieve easily the best rate for the transaction. With very low effort I was able to exit from what seemed a dead end caused by a panic sale.

Luckily, Swap Space saved my day.

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