Issac Okoro's Vertical Keeps TopShot Collectors from Jumping Ship

By Pequod_Curiousity | NBA TopShot | 18 Aug 2021

Okoro is, without a doubt, one of the best Cavs drafts of the past few years. And now, he’s turning into a great pick again. This time for NBA TopShots.

Okoro Quest

Between missing out on pack drops, and not seeing the returns that popped up during February’s NFT craze, collectors have started to cash out of the NBA TopShot game. The days of quick turnarounds and cashing in hard on packs seem to be gone. You can still turn a profit on just about any pack, but it’s definitely diminished. On top of that, packs have gotten harder and harder to get, especially if you aren’t in the upper Collector Score tier — and buying enough packs to get in there isn’t cheap.

If you didn’t get in early, and/or you don’t have a lot of cash to throw at what is admittedly a pretty speculative market, TopShots can be frustrating. Most of the recent challenges and showcase quests haven’t been too accessible either. In the playoffs, you had to buy a lot of players to get in, and it’s unlikely you had many unless you lucked out landing a limited number of packs.

On top of all that, nobody is holding common cards anymore. People may keep enough players to get a CS bonus from their favorite team, but that only goes so far. It seems like every common card goes back on the market the second the pack gets opened. It floods the marketplace and drives down the prices for everyone. 

But now, it’s looking like Dapper realized some playmaking potential with the Isaac Okoro Quest. 

Why the Isaac Okoro Quest is Good News for Collectors

Unlike recent quests, the Okoro Quest is super accessible. Only requiring four dunks from any team and three Cavalier moments, most collectors don’t need to buy many moments. 

With dunks being one of the most popular moments (because they’re awesome), even people with humble collections (like my own) can fill that first need out, no problem. Cavs fans likely had the remaining three, no questions asked.

Tank Dunk

Even Aaron Baynes gets to do something useful for this quest. 

As a Raptors fan, I didn’t have any Cavalier moments — never forget LeBronto. But I swallowed my pride and picked up the two cheapest moments, and then grabbed the Lamar Stevens rookie mint/TopShot debut card (also for pretty cheap). 

Lamar Stevens TopShot

The Stevens moment is the only one I think will actually end up with any value. But the other 2 came out to $9 and now I’m guaranteed the Fandom Summer of ‘21 Isaac Okoro moment. 

It’s pretty safe to say that this limited edition card is going to be worth more than the little bit that had to go in. Especially since the lowest priced Okoro moment now is $8, and it’s a 40,000 common. 

Plus, the Summer ‘21 Okoro is going to be used in an upcoming challenge. Presumably involving the Fandom: Summer League Moments

The small downside, is that since everyone who completes the quest gets the moment so the edition may be a little less limited than some of the others. On top of that, the quest has a lower cost to entry than past ones, so there will likely be even more entrants. 

But still, it’s nice to have a guarantee for putting that money in. And it’s almost certain that we’ll all get a positive return on this one.


What’s really cool about the Okoro quest though, is what it may mean for TopShot users. For one, making the quest more accessible engages more people and encourages more buying in the marketplace. That’s good for early investors who need newer collectors to stick around to keep value up. And it’s also good for all of us filthy noobz who are struggling to build a halfway decent collection.

In addition to that, if more quests like this are coming, it gives a reason to hold on to cards. For the most part, there hasn’t been much incentive to keep most common tier cards around unless they were part of a set. Sure, Rookie Mint and TopShot Debut badges make a few worth keeping, but for the most part it was drop and ditch. But if we actually have a reason to hold on to our cards, it could make collecting more exciting again, and help people earn more in the marketplace.

If it’s a sign of things to come, Okoro’s thunderous dunk could be the stepping stone to pull NBA TopShot out of freefall. Here’s hoping the next one is from a team a little closer to home. (If any TopShot decision-makers are here, a Raptors one would be Precious).


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