Are Summer League Moments Worth Collecting?

By Pequod_Curiousity | NBA TopShot | 17 Aug 2021

Whether you’re a collector, an investor, or a bit of both, each new series from TopShot comes with a question mark. We all get hyped when something new comes down the pipe, but will it turn out to be another bust like Throwdowns?


But for summer ‘21, there is a definite upside — even if you don’t plan on buying.


One of the big grievances (but far from the only if you follow the subreddit) collectors have has been the turnaround time for moments. For some pack drops, a bit of a wait is no big deal. But with others, timeliness would have packed a bigger punch. The And Then There Were Four semifinals drop didn’t hit until the finals were already well under way. By that point it was hard to get excited about a 50/50 shot of pulling players that were already eliminated.


But the Summer ‘21 release shows some promise that Dapper might be able to speed things up. As a Raptors fan, I was already hyped for Summer League to watch Scottie Barnes tear up the court with his infinite wingspan. As a TopShot collector, the moments turned my hype dial up a notch.


Fans could show up at the game and buy Summer League moments right then and there. That’s some quick turnaround time. The downside: you had to be in Vegas to do it. That kept most of us out of the running. Still, cool idea and proof that TopShots may be able to push out faster moments in the future (hopefully i can stuff my stocking with some christmas game moments this year).

Fandom tier

So that’s all well and good for showing promise for the possible future of TopShot. But what about what all of us really want to know? Are Summer League moments worth picking up, and are they worth holding?


Are Summer 2021 Moments A Good Buy?

If you were able to hit up the Fandom event in person, the Summer League moments were definitely worth picking up. Kiosks on site were selling the moments for a few bucks and people were turning around and selling moments for $70+ on the day they got them.


Of course, with the event being in-person in Las Vegas during a time where many still have restricted travel, buying from a kiosk wasn’t an option for most of us. Add in that there were only 9,148 total cards available. And that they only came from three of the games being played. 


Basically, while the kiosk purchase was definitely a good value buy, it wasn’t an option for most people. So what about all of us outside of the City of Lights? Are we stuck in the dark, or is it worth picking up the moments second hand on the marketplace?


For full-on collectors, this is a cool pickup. First time ever doing the summer moments, first time ever doing the same day moments. It would have been cool to have some rookies with their first mint card in it, but TopShot is saving those for the regular season. Still, if you’re primarily a collector, these are a nice addition with a relatively low-cost, good significance, and limited edition.


As an investor, or a collector/investor, there’s a little more concern about getting some bang for your buck. The good news is, for how limited the editions are, the prices aren’t too bad. Right now you can pick up fandom tier moments from $49 (Bol Bol) to $144 (R.J. Hampton).

Bol bol summer 21

That’s not a terrible entry point, and if this series does become a big collector focus in the future, that could go up significantly in value. Although it’s hard to say how likely that is - right now the average sale price for every Fandom card is less than the current lowest listing price.


Another consideration here is whether you want just one card, or to grab all three. If you’re just getting one, the low price of the Bol Bol card might be tempting. But, you may be better off splitting the difference and picking up the Killian Hayes moment (currently $93). His was the first moment released, which could have some serious value if this becomes a big series for collectors.

Killian Hayes Summer League

If you’re sick of missing out on pack drops, you might also want to look at these as an opportunity to bump your collector score. CS rewards seem to be dropping with each series, at least for commons. The addition of the Fandom Tier helps to bring back some boosted scores at 10 points for non-rewards, 15 for rewards, and 35 points for challenge completion+rewards. It’s a bit lower than what you could get from season one commons, more on par with season 2, and if the trend follows, better than we’ll see in season 3 and beyond.


The collector score boost isn’t quite enough to be the sole reason for buying fandom cards. But if you’re on the fence, it could be the push to make it worthwhile.


So is it worth buying? It’s a bit of a gamble. There’s a real possibility of these having good value down the line, but that’s far from a guarantee. At their cost now, however, it’s not too big a gamble. If they’re within your price range, I’d pick these moments over a lot of similarly priced moments.


What about if you already own them?


Are Fandom Tier Moments Worth Holding?

Joe Strummer asked it best, “should I stay or should I go?”


There are really only two people that have any reason to sell Fandom Tier ‘21 moments right now. The first, are people who picked up moments cheap from the kiosk. You can get a pretty big % return off your initial buy already, so it can be tempting to cash out now. Sure you might miss out on future gains, but you don’t have to risk future drops.


The second is people leaving TopShot. There’s been a minor exodus recently which, combined with the offseason dip, led to some cheap moments for the rest of us (thanks!).  


But if you bought secondhand, there’s pretty much no reason not to hodl. The moments are at the highest price they’ve been at yet, but the jump hasn’t been too big. There’s still a lot of potential for these to increase. In my opinion, this three card set is worth holding long-term. 


Although the price may slowdown during the regular season, hype for the original 3 will pop-up during Summer League for years to come.



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