Humanity in the Dark

Time for a Human Revolution?

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 12 Dec 2023


If you missed it there was recently, a Group-Chat on X attended to by an esteemed group of contemporary voices whose candid views unabatedly  expressed, may surprise those whose pre-conceived notions of these contributors might suggest. 

Listening to this chat a day after its original play, it is interesting to hear the group of them, mostly millionaire and at least one-billionaire; that they speak as representing the majority of `us', the common folks. Many would think otherwise, that they are of the elite-caliber, with `celebrity' voices to speak against the elite-class strata to humanity. As Andrew Tate speaks on behalf of we the majority: "there are more of us than them!". Yes but, the POWER is with that elite class. Therefore, for there to be a counterforce, it must come from this esteemed group of accomplished participants gathered for this controversial, and timely chat. They must raise their combined respected voices and lead to action, the incitement of Humanity's majority to put FORCE to POWER, in order to put a stop to what is assuredly coming, to which they all agree!


Human Revolution


Different realities co-exist in the same time and space,

Each marked by the goodness of love or pain of suffering, faced;

A global view of the world’s condition at any second of the clock,

Increasing enlists feelings of great sadness and horrifying shock;

Injustices impressed by the few of power, on the impoverished many,

If not soon curtailed, of life on Earth, there will not be any;

Rhetoric espoused by those whom the populace elect,

Promise, once in political office, these problems they will correct;

Yet decades into centuries continue to unfold,

And yet the same original story continues to be told;

What will it take to derive these problems final solution?

As things stand in this moment – only an uprising – a Human Revolution!




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