The Lore of Halloween

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 30 Oct 2022


Halloween, a festival of celebrating the macabre, death and all things dark and evil that dates back hundreds of years, whose machinations take on a variety of themes, and expressions dependent on culture, and mythology.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the words to the following poem are artistically rendered, compiled to produce this video titled:

Evil – I just want to know!

The devil in my soul Just wants to know

What makes it real?

In my brain - To feel the pain – To limits insane

I just want to know!

To feel the misery of crime

Souls swimming in evil’s grime

Wallowing in darkness’ slime

Amplifying a passion real

A black emotion to feel

I just want to know!

If death be the path

To meet this wrath

Of evil’s demonic score

Then let it be the way

Deeming it a meager price to pay

To be party to the lore Of evil – to endure

I just want to know!

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