History's Reflection

History's Reality Reflection

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 20 Jan 2024


History's Reflection

As I am prone to do, I will revisit my early writing, much of which being responsive to contemporary social, political Human conditions and contributing factors.

The following two poems written during the 2007 period of Human history yet sadly, echo truer to the present: 



A World View


By my picture tube I explore the world

To see humanities existence – life unfurled


Many faces – each an existence to behold

Each a challenge – with a story to be told


From the Sudan – lives impoverished and poor

To the richness of Las Vegas – selfish money the lure


As the world revolves  - new life evolves

But the goals and direction a mystery to solve


From its beginning’s - source yet to be known

Plotting to a future with new seeds being sown


But viewing the human condition

And the mess it is in

To do so  - amounts to a mortal sin.


Post Millennium


Through all societies does permeate

The scorn and hate

That seems their fate

Seducing men with weapons to congregate

To demonstrate

With passions to obliterate

Against the united state

Its politic and magistrate

Whose duality doth infuriate

For an unjust justice to promulgate

With monies gain to masturbate

Capitalist minds that dominate

A planned course to insolate

Society’s poor who attempt to immigrate

Imprisoned behind locked gate

Behind caged walls to eliminate

From eyes seeing demonstrate

Though the messages conveyed speak to the darkness of this time, never will I let the Sun not Shine:


Laughter for Joy


Echoes of a past

To fuel the Soul

To future’s uncertainty

Vision lacking a goal


Laughter in the searching

For want of a better way

Hoping that tomorrow

Will be that day


With strength’s veneer

Passion made the fuel

A path that is unclear

Highs and lows at duel


Master to a destiny

Slave to its pain

The Sun rises shining

Even with the rain


Laughter for joy

To pave a way

To bright new beginnings

A fuller life made






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