Collective Consciousness - Heavenly Utopia

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 16 Dec 2023





 Heavenly Utopia


Oh seeded garden

Of colors bright

What glorious hue of blossoms

You bring to my eye's delight


Nourished by the vast land

So alive its fragrance is sweet

The tastiest of morsels

You provide for all to eat


I bask in the wonder

Of your limitless domain

To flourish and prosper

Without limit or refrain


An endless cornucopia

Of wonders and bliss

A heavenly utopia

Not a right – but a gift


We look to non-terrestrial entities

Without connection to divinities

For answers to questions about life

For its depth of wisdom to negate our strife


Centuries of exploration that fail

In endless search for the Holy Grail

The truth to the myth of human existence

Is not to be found in the infinite distance


No, the answer to the question is near

It lay just beyond the boundary of Fear

A boundary line not meant to be seen

But one that can impede the creative dream


For the dream is knowledge to be born

Channeled through to consciousness’ norm

Fabricated into dimension’s living presence

Giving life’s existence it’s sought for essence


So the answers to life lay not in the stars

But here amongst humanity by far

For the collective consciousness that is One

Has more energy than the brightest of Stars or Sun






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